My First Grader

My youngest is officially entered First Grade this school year.  Though I am quite emotional during day 1 (even until today) because he is attending school in my hometown. We had a deal – that he will be staying with my folks back home for a year. Oh boy, I terribly miss him.By the way, he is enjoying there in his BIG school, my Alma Mater Irosin Central School.

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Here are some latest photos of my school boy  taken in front of my Mama’s house. 🙂

Yohan’s Firsts: Summer Outing

My officemates and our families went to Bosay Resort in Antipolo City last Saturday for our Summer 2011 getaway. I was hesitant of tagging along little Yohan because I thought he’s too young for travelling from Mandaluyong-Antipolo via public transportation.  I was wrong the little boy didn’t have any tantrums at all… He enjoyed the whole trip. Here are the proofs, hahaha.

 jeepney ride going to the resort 

relaxed…refreshed… re-charged! hehehe
 Yohan: busy looking around; Thea: still wants to swim
 happy baby 🙂
We’ll definitely have more gatherings and family outings with Yohan specially when Papa’s here already. 

Fun Day at Expo Kid 3

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post, we joined the Expo Kid 3, a one-day event organized by Mommy Mundo, a website/online directory for moms. Thea had a blast at the event. She tried almost every activities around the area. She tried fencing at Sworsplay,  and wall climbing courtesy of Camp Explore, played football at J&J Presko Play, attended an art class, and most of all sung her favorite song “Love Story” by Taylor Swift in front of the teacher-owner of Stardev Music Studio that hones talented  children to become stage performers. The event helped us decide on what to do this summer. I am definitely enrolling her to a Voice Lesson, yay! I am so excited playing the role of a stage mom especially during her final stage performance come the month of May. 

The event was also one of baby Yohan’s “firsts” – malling with Mama and Ate…We are expecting more “lakwatsa” when Papa come home 11 months from now.

The following photos explain it all…
On the way to Rockwell Tent with Ate Rosefer. 
Her smile is priceless!
She also tried Hula Hoop! 😀
That’s her Masterpiece. Thanks My Masterpiece Movement
His smile is priceless, too!!!
Thank to so much Mommy Mundo and all the advertisers and exhibitors. 

Yohan’s Firsts: Rolling Over

It’s amazing! Little Yohan is starting to achieve his first big developmental milestone. This morning, we discovered that he can already roll over. As parents, we are happy to see him grow and develop quite faster that other children. However, he also needs more attention because we’re afraid that he might be suffocated since his neck is not strong yet. We documented it by taking a short video clip of him rolling over but I can’t post it coz my internet connection’s wonky right now.
I’ve read that babies may be able to kick himself over, from his tummy to his back, as early as age 2-3 months – Yohan is 2 months old. It may take him until he’s about 5 or 6 months to flip from back to front, though, because he needs stronger neck and arm mucles to do that.