Yohan’s Costume for their School Activities

My youngest actively participated in their school activities this past couple of months. It meant buying costumes for those occasions.  For Nutrition Month, he just wore his PE uniform and a hat decorated with (plastic) fruits.  Then, he wore Barong Tagalog during the culminating activity for Buwan ng Wika last August 30. 
We bought that Barong just few hours before the program, thankful enough that we live near a shopping mall, and rows and rows of stalls/stores that sell school uniforms and costume. The barong and white shirt cost Php750. 
And last Sunday, he participated in a school event. He performed a song and dance number along with other Primary School learners. Here is his attire during the program.

Let me share a short conversation while getting ready for the event. His Papa helped him dress up and then when I saw him, here’s what I said…
Mamahan, You look like a waiter in a hotel 
Yohan: No, Mama I’m a butler. 
Butler or waiter, whatever! hahaha

Reading Clinic

It all started with a Facebook status of me, telling my daughter that we should help each other in teaching Yohan how to read and write this summer. I must admit, I discovered it quite late that my son has difficulty in reading. Though he is a bilingual kid, he really needs to catch  up when it comes to Reading. 
An educator friend then offered her services on reading and writing enrichment for Yohan and also for Ate Thea. We signed up for the tutorial services last April. Thea had few sessions only since her reading and writing level is within her Grade level (Grade 7). Yohan is on his 13th session now and has quite a  long way to go. There are challenges along the way, but I am happy with his improvement. We celebrate small victories and I am proud of my makulit and not so little boy. 
         photo courtesy of Literacy Nook
Moms and dads out there, if you are looking for tutorials services for your kids particularly on Reading and Writing, just search and add Literacy Nook on Facebook () and talk to a Reading Specialist who will design a program depending on your child’s needs. PM is the key, guys. 

My Kids Are Growing Up Swiftly

My kiddos recently completed their music training as part of  extra-curricular school activities. Thea enlisted in Voice Lessons while Yohan availed of Flute training. They had their Recital last month in one of the malls in our city.  
When I posted some photos on my social media pages, many were a bit shocked that the two have grown bigger and taller. They are both chubby now. I am even teasing the first-born to start cutting on some carbs, para sexy hahaha. 
She really loves to sing, and if you would allow me to brag (a bit) she sings quite well. 
This is Yohan in the Primary Learners’ Flute Ensemble 

such a chubby chubby handsome boy! 
Thea will study Guitar next school year while Yohan will learn how to play the Lyre. By the way, the Instrumental Music Program is being offered for Free Maranatha Christian Academy-Mandaluyong. 

Yohan is 8

My son Yohan celebrated his 8th birthday on November 4. He’s been counting the days, weeks or even few months prior his special day hahaha. We planned to be make it more special this time since we were not able to celebrate his 7th birthday here for he stayed with my mom and sister in my hometown last year.  However, due to hectic schedule we’re not able to push through with our Tagaytay trip. We went to SM Mall of Asia last Saturday instead.
We bought him and his Ate Thea some toys and then we had pizza and pasta at Sbarro. He also enjoyed in the kiddie rides inside the mall. We ought to try the theme park at SM By the Bay, but most of the attractions are closed, maybe because it was still a holiday. 
And, we had Chocolate Cake and Chicken Alfredo pasta on his birthday. 
Happy, happy birthday my dear Yohan Amiel. We wish you to be healthy always. Good luck and continue to bring laughter in the family, with all your witty remarks, jokes and funny antics.  We love you so much. Study hard and we are here to support you in your dreams and endeavors. 

1st Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) at the Kids’ New School

It is another school year here (in the Philippines).  My kids transferred to new school. Well, my eldest Thea is a returning student for she spent few years there, from Kindergarten to Grade Two. She’s now in Grade 7, while Yohan is in Grade 2. 
Classes officially started last Monday but before that, I attended the 1st PTC and Orientation last  June 12 and 16. Meetings for each department were conducted separately.  
During the Junior High orientation, parents were informed about the rules of the school and marking system. Apart from that, we also got acquainted about the 7 C’s of 21st Century Learning during the Primary School session.  This serves as one of the guiding principles of the new K to 12 curriculum.
For the year, their school is banking on strong partnership among parents and teachers.  This is a very good idea because it not only encourage the parents to support their children but will also keep communication lines with the school open. This will greatly benefit the learners, just like the facilitators emphasized during the meetings.  
So far, the kids are enjoying their first week at school. They have lots of stories about their experiences during the day.  And that makes learning fun and exciting! 

On Grades, Moving Up and Search for a Good School

While we are not a grade conscious household, the remaining two quarters of this school year is crucial for our unica hija because she is a graduating elementary student.  Her school called for a parent-teachers’ conference yesterday, so I asked my niece to attend in my behalf. The Third Quarter Report Card was also released after the meeting. At around 4pm, I called her and asked how was Thea’s grades. Thea got 85-90 in most subject areas while below 85 in Mathematics. 
Few minutes later, Thea called at the office (landline) and here’s our conversation:
Thea: Ma, okey naman lahat ng grades ko except sa Math, same as last quarter, 82 pa rin po Ma. 
Me: Okey na yun, matataas na ang grades mo. Pagbutihin mo pa para mag-improve pa ha. 
Thea: Sana tumaas pa ng 3 points ngayong fourth grading para 85 na. 
Aminado naman siyang mahina sya sa Math eh. Mana kasi sa akin hahaha

In fairness to her, she still did her best and showed improvements in her study habits. Despite the challenges we’re facing because of peer pressure and puberty-related stuff, she still managed to perform well in school. 
In other news, they already had their graduation portraits taken just a couple of days ago. That signals that the end of this year is fast approaching. Their Graduation Rights is slated for end of March, I guess. No final announcement from the school yet.
We are currently looking for schools that offer good quality Junior High education. Focus on discipline and values education, smaller class size, and proximity to our place of residence consist our criteria in selecting school. We are more inclined to also enrolling Yohan, an incoming Grade 2 pupil in the same school.  Good luck to our school searching! 
Happy Wednesday to all. Ciao! 

Yohan’s Homecoming

We are reunited with this little boy after his nine months of stay with his Aunt and Grandma in my hometown.  They arrived after several hours of land travel last Friday.  Yohan will be spending the New Year with us, and perhaps his (post) 7th birthday celebration, too.  
My phone (and his Papa’s) now is filled with fun selfies/groupies with the bunso
Notice the scar on his face, it’s an abrasion because a minor accident while playing days prior to their travel. Wala na yan ngayon, makinis na ulit ang face nya. 

More photos

BONUS: A lovely photo of my first-born.  Yohan’s taking a lot of picture of her Ate Thea. Na-aamaze siguro sa Ate nya, biglang laki rin kasi ni Thea eh. πŸ™‚

That’s all for now… Expect more posts and updates before we finally bid goodbye to year 2017. 

Advanced Happy New Year, sweeties! 

Yohan is 7

My youngest, Yohan Amiel celebrated his 7th birthday last Saturday, November 4. We celebrated it miles away from each other. If you’ve read some of my previous posts, Yohan is in my hometown with my mom and sister. Our lack of full-time caregiver urged us to be in this quite challenging situation. He’s in first grade now, and we are missing some of his “firsts”.  In contrast, the little man is enjoying  his stay there to bits. We are in constant communication, thank you for the presence of mobile phones and the Internet.  
My Mama is also happy and proud of my smart and active son’s company. Sabi nya pa nga, “May isang ugali akong hindi nakita sa inyong siyam na magkakapatid. ‘Yon ay ang pagiging sobrang matanong at observant nya sa lahat ng bagay.” 

For his birthday, we decided not to throw a party for him there. Papa and I sent money and a box of brand new clothes (and school bag). My sister took him to nearby town and they ate at one of the famous fast food chains.  In the afternoon that day, they gave pansit and cake to our relatives and neighbors. And… the highlight of his most-awaited day – a brand new bike! 
His 7th birthday celebration will have a Part 2 next month. He’ll be home for the holiday school break  which is pretty much exciting!
Happy birthday, my love.  We pray that you grow healthy, smart, and most of all God-fearing. We love you very very much!

Art Materials for my “Not-so-little” Ones

To keep them pre-occupied this summer and minimize time on gadgets and TV I gave in to their request to buy them art supplies. It’s a win-win situation, right folks? hahaha
These are for Thea: 
sketch pad, colored pencils, pencil, Gel pen, pencil case, journal and UNO cards
For Yohan:
coloring books, crayons, multi-colored clay, toy car, BONUS: Dunkin’ Donuts πŸ˜€ That was our pasalubong for him last weekend through my niece.  The little boy is now staying with her grandma in the province , I’ll terll you more about that in a separate post πŸ™‚

Yohan’s Preschool Moving Up Day

Yay, my baby boy is moving up to big school already!

I attended his Moving Up Activities last Friday, March 24.  He was really excited about the event but well-behaved during the program.  Even though he did not bring home an award, finishing this chapter in early education is a big accomplishment already.  He’s a smart and funny little man.  The only challenging part is how to encourage him in terms of writing. We need a lot of practice and engaging activities to make learning fun and easier.

so happy for his mini celebration 

We are excited for next school year, as he enters Grade 1.

Congrats bunso. We love you so much!