Friendship, Beach and Stunning Views (at Cagbalete Island)

June 26, 2017 was a regular holiday here in the Philippines, hence we had a long weekend.  My colleagues and I were supposed to conduct a team bonding activity last June 11-13, but it was postponed due to inclement weather. Going to the beach on rainy day (with thunderstorms) is not safe so we decided to move our resort booking to June 24-25, 2017. 

Our group left Manila at 1:30am and arrived at around 5:30am in Mauban, Quezon.  Before to going to the port, we dropped by the public market to buy food supplies and likewise at 7-11 to grab a cup of coffee or hot choco.  
From there, we went to Pansacola Beach Resort in Cagbalete Island which is 45 minutes boat ride from Mauban Port (Pantalan). 
Thea and Nichole (my supervisor’s niece) at Mauban Port 
It was Thea’s first time to ride a boat so imagine her excitement + anxiousness.  She and Nichole were holding hands during our journey to the resort.  I found it too cute and snapped a candid photo of them. By the way, the boat ride was nice, the sea was calm both on our way to the resort and back to Mauban Port last Sunday. 
Cagbalete is a tropical paradise! It may not be the best island in the country but I love it because it’s not yet crowded and Pansacola Resort boosts of an amazing beachfront with a long stretch of sandbar. 
credits to my photographer (JS) 🙂
mandatory souvenir shot at the resort
I will definitely go back to Cagbalete Island,  my family would love it there! 

A Birthday Weekend

We went to Nueva Ecija last weekend to attend the First Birthday Party of my husband’s niece daughter.In Filipino terms, the birthday girl is already our apo (grandchild). The party was held in a resort so the kids and I enjoyed swimming after the party despite the cool weather. Children foods are from KFC while for us adults, it was a catered buffet meals. 
Meet the Fairy Princess Roanne


goofing around before the party

beside the pool…Thea and Yohan have the same smile 😀 

Fun Day Saturday at Seri Fantasy World

My officemates and I purchased Seri Fantasy World vouchers from LivingSocial (formerly Ensogo) a couple of months ago. We decided to redeem it last Saturday, June 15. So, after my daughter choir rehearsal off we go to Quirino Grandstand, where Seri is located. 
We left the house past 10am and while waiting for my friends and their family to arrive, we had a brunch at a restaurant inside Manila Ocean Park.

Our vouchers covered entrance to two of Seri’s amenities – Trick Art Museum and 3D Cinema Plus. I though the little one (Yohan) will be afraid while inside the cinema since it was his first time. Boy, I was wrong, he enjoyed every bit of the short film. He didn’t remove his 3D glasses until the end of the movie. It was Thea who was a bit uneasy during the show. 
Here are some of our photos inside the Trick Art Museum. 

Seri Fantasy World is the first Korean-developed theme park in the Philippines located at the 2nd Level South Wing Manila Ocean Park.Attractions include Trick Art Museum, 3D Cinema Plus, Mirror Maze, Kids’ Paradise, Bear Museum and Souvenir Shop, and a Event Venue for birthdays and other gatherings. 
For more information visit there website

My Weekend To-Do List

This coming weekend will be a hectic one. I have so much things to do since my daughter’s Preparatory school graduation is slated on March 23. and  we will be having a special occasion in our Church on the 24th and 25th . So, here’s my schedule:


  1. Go to wet market 
  2. Participate in the General Cleaning activity in our Church
  3. Go to Divisoria to buy a white dress for Thea 
  4. Lunchtime -Nap time  
  5. Perform duties at the choir 
  6. Attend meeting and devotional prayer for the Holy Supper 
  1. Cook breakfast 
  2. Bathe Yohan and Thea 
  3. Help Thea dress up/get ready for the Children Worship Service 
  4. Defrost refrigerator and cook for lunch 
  5. Lunchtime – Nap time 
  6. Play time with The and Yohan 
  7. Attend choir practice. It will be our final rehearsal for the Holy Supper  
Looking forward to a productive weekend

My Weekend Plans and Tasks

I am anticipating a very busy weekend. In fact, starting tonight I have several things to do with regard to my blogging “career”. First on my list is the write-up on the blogger’s event I attended last night. I’ve been meaning to join to some contests/giveaways shared by my blogger friends, too. an anodyne makes you feel good…what??? gah! my fingers are too tired to type already but I really have to work hard to earn extra bucks. My son will be celebrating his birthday next month and there are lots of get together coming up. 
That’s all for now, happy weekend everyone!!!