It’s Gonna be a Busy Weekend

We’ll be having the Year-end Thanksgiving Worship Services for the young members of the Church tomorrow, 14 December 2013. My daughter will be performing in the choir. I thank God because she’s okey now, she had suffered a sprained knee after jumping from the teacher’s table the other day. According to her teacher, the accident happened while he was out from the room after his class. 
I have a quite long list of tasks this coming weekend which include the following: 
  • wake up early to prepare breakfast 
  • leave the house at 9am for the Church activity 
  • lunch out with the kids after the Church activity  – (my colleagues are also inviting me to a food trip adventure in Marikina) 
  • Go back to the Church at around 5:30pm for the adult worship service and devotional prayer 
  • wet market and grocery, early in the morning 
  • add new plants and arrange my mini garden
  • cook food for lunch 
  • do the laundry 
  • playtime and afternoon nap with the kiddos 
How about you, what are your plans for the weekend? 

My Weekend To-Do List

This coming weekend will be a hectic one. I have so much things to do since my daughter’s Preparatory school graduation is slated on March 23. and  we will be having a special occasion in our Church on the 24th and 25th . So, here’s my schedule:


  1. Go to wet market 
  2. Participate in the General Cleaning activity in our Church
  3. Go to Divisoria to buy a white dress for Thea 
  4. Lunchtime -Nap time  
  5. Perform duties at the choir 
  6. Attend meeting and devotional prayer for the Holy Supper 
  1. Cook breakfast 
  2. Bathe Yohan and Thea 
  3. Help Thea dress up/get ready for the Children Worship Service 
  4. Defrost refrigerator and cook for lunch 
  5. Lunchtime – Nap time 
  6. Play time with The and Yohan 
  7. Attend choir practice. It will be our final rehearsal for the Holy Supper  
Looking forward to a productive weekend