GT: His Own Vocabulary

Few years back (and even until now), my nephew is fond of interchanging the syllables when he’s saying something. I have a long list of those words but I’ll  share the most memorable ones, haha.

Conversation #1: Ang Tampalon, Bow!

Tito R (my husband): BA, napansin mo ba dumaan si Alex?
BA: Opo, naka-tampalon pa nga e.

Gets nyo ba kung ano ang tampalon?

Conversation #2: Restarwan o Candereria???

On the way to jeepney stop, he asked…

BA: Tita, tita, saan ka kumakain pag nasa osipina ka?
Moi: Sa office lang, di ba madalas may baon naman ako.
BA: Ah akala ko sa restarwan o kaya sa candereria.

My sister and I were laughing out loud while walking. We let him pronounce those words properly over and over again, hahaha.

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GT #7: New Word I Learned Lately

Due to my hectic offline life, I wasn’t able to post an entry for Girls Talk last week. Even though I’m one day late for this week topic, I am making a quick post to share the latest addition in my vocabulary.

I encountered this word sometime in July this year while I am helping my 5 year old daughter in her homework about prisms in Mathematics. Mind you, I even ask her how to pronounce the word. And on the following day, I consulted my friend Google about the meaning of the word (phrase). I don’t  want to keep you guessing, so here it is:

   Reuleaux triangle
    (′re′lō ′trī′aŋ·gəl)
(mathematics) A closed plane curve, not actually a triangle, that consists of three arcs, each of which joins two vertices of an equilateral triangle and is part of a circle centered at the remaining vertex.

Reuleaux triangle is, apart from the trivial case of the circle, the simplest and best known Reuleaux polygon, a curve of constant width. The separation of two parallel lines tangent to the curve is independent of their orientation. The term derives from Franz Reuleaux, a 19th-century German engineer who did pioneering work on ways that machines translate one type of motion into another, although the concept was known before his time.

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