Blog Backlogs

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I have so many blog backlogs due to my wonky internet connection these past few days. In order to catch up, here are some of important posts that I’ve missed:

My First UP Fair Experience
Without any plans of going to the fair, three of my classmates tagged me along in the fair last Tuesday. If I remember it right, the event was dubbed as “Sisfire7” and sponsored by UP Economics Society and UP Sigma Beta Sorority. Though we didn’t stayed until wee hours, it was quite an awesome experience.

Our Baguio City Family Getaway (February 5-7, 2010)

Just before the husband arrived from Oman, I have already arranged our 3-day vacation in the City of Pines. We stayed in a transient house there which was few minutes away from Burnham Park. We really enjoyed our vacation. It was our first out-of-town trip together (Papa, Thea and me). Yes, just the three of us. We have been    into lots of out-of-town trips with my in-laws and relatives. Thea and I went to my hometown, but never with Papa because he’s always working. The trip was indeed a perfect bonding time. It was one of my happiest moments with my beloved family.

Here are some of my photos:
Thea and Papa in front of Philippine Military Academy Visitor’s Center
with a giant St. Bernard dog at Mines View Park
Thea and the Pink Pony

Rain, Rain Go Away

At last, the rain stopped…

After attending a 3-hour meeting this morning, I decided to go to the nearest Western Union branch to claim Hubby’s remittance. heavy rains poured while our meeting was still on-going. However, I don’t have any idea that the street fronting our building is flooded already. I have no choice but to cross the street, good thing I used my old pair of shoes. The teller even wondered how I managed to traverse the flooded lane. I just said I really have to transact with them during lunch break because I have a class later.

When I went up to the office, I washed my feet to get rid of germs/bacteria that may cause illness such lyptospirosis. Then, I ate lunch which I bought at the Tiangge sa City Hall.

While discussing our group case study with my classmate thru YM, I told her that I may not attend the class due to the bad weather. Few hours later, I received an SMS from TMC staff saying “No class today, Wed. TM 241 due to heavy rains” . Yehey!, it seems that my request was granted and so I will not be marked absent by our professor. (lolz)

Okay, friends in the blogosphere, I have to say bye for now. I still have to buy some stuffs for Hubby. I will send a package to him through his colleague who will leave on Friday.

MTM Batch 2008 Acquaintance Party

I almost forgot to blog about our batch’s acquaintance party dubbed as “An Evening of Black and White”. It was held last August 16, 2008 at Katips Bar and Grille in Quezon City. Well, it’s better late than never, as they say. That was one of the three milestones in our entire stay at UP-TMC. Our next activities would be the year-end party (Christmas Party to our Catholic friends), and the summer activity.

Though we already developed camaraderie during the series of workshops we attended last summer, we still need to “party” since it is a tradition at the TMC. Said event was spearheaded by the hardworking Batch 2008 Officers. It is not easy to organize activities like this ‘coz it entails lots of preparation –from concept/theme to date and venue to games and tokens. Kudos to you, guys! We would like to express our gratitude to two of our professors (one of which is also the Executive Director of the unit) and some senior students who graced the occasion. Your words of encouragement and inspiring messages mean a lot to us.

As part of the Information Committee, I assisted in conceptualizing the website for our batch and eventually to other MTM students. It was launched during the party. Here’s the screenshot of our website.

Certainly, it was a night filled with fun and laughter!
The theme is black and white, yet I’m wearing violet 🙂
photo credit: jerome

First Day!

Still dizzy due to lack of sleep, I opened my blog just to keep you posted on my life’s day-day phenomenon. Despite the sudden downpour yesterday, I attended the first session on one of my two subjects/courses this term. I was 45 minutes behind the class schedule. Our professor was talking about the overview of the course and its requirements when I arrived. He he informed us that TM241 would require us, students to go through several readings, prepare two dozens of reaction papers, and a couple of group projects. Whew! Isn’t it mind-boggling! Haha… The second part of the lecture enlightened us on the Technology Adoption Process…The session ended at 9pm…I arrived home after an hour and a half of travel…Hubby waited for me at the jeepney stop. This time, I missed putting the little girl into sleep while singing Barny Song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star together *sobs*.

As promised, the lecturer on our 2-part Accounting Workshop emailed us the result of the exam she gave us last Sunday. Yuhoo! I was so happy…I passed the exam. I am extending my warmest congratulations to those who got the highest marks. Congrats, guys!!!

Essay Writing

Essay and feature writing has always been my favorite. I find it easier than literary and creative writing. An essay is a typically short piece of writing, from an author’s personal point of view.
Here is one of my sample essays. I wrote this last February as part of my application for graduate school.

Statement of Purpose
Every person has his own reason for pursuing graduate study. The most common reason is professional development or advancement. Some people want to enter graduate school when they find a field of study that interests them greatly. It also increases confidence in one’s chosen field or profession and broadens career opportunities.

I decided to apply to the Master of Technology Management Program being offered at the University of the Philippines-Diliman to acquire further understanding on key management approaches and various aspects of technological innovations. Being involved in development planning for the past seven (7) years, I would like to keep abreast with the latest technological innovations and apply them in the formulation and implementation of various programs and projects for the city government.

I think my academic background in Information Technology and work experience in the field of development planning would qualify to pursue the Program. If I would be admitted to the Program, my specific areas of interest will be – Project Management, Information Technology Management, and Strategic Technology Planning. Once finished, I intend to continue to work at the City Government of Makati or if given the opportunity, in a national government agency.

Graduate studies require a lot of self-discipline, thus, going through this next stage in my continuous quest for knowledge poses a great challenge to me. I will try my very best to balance my job, studies, and my duties as a wife and mother.

This is it!

I was having diffulty in opening the website UP-TMC containing the names of succesful applicants to the Master in Technology Management Program. I was able to view the contents of the webpage in pdf format downloaded and forwarded to me by my friend who also applied the said graduate program. After passing the preliminary admission procedures, the next steps are the following:
1. To prepare for coursework, the new students are required to attend a series of Preparatory
Courses/Workshops on: General Management, Marketing, Production and Operations Management, Effective Communications, and Accounting, which will be held on May 4, 11, 18, 25 and June 1 & 8, 2008, respectively. Each workshop session is scheduled from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., and will be held at the TMC in UP Diliman. Therefore, I should go there on Friday or Saturday to register.
2. Physical examination for incoming students : April 24 – May 23, 2008
3. Registration (for freshmen) : June 2
4. Registration (for other students) . June 3-6
5. Orientation for TMC freshmen : June 8 (after the last Workshop)
6. Start of Classes : June 10
They also suggested that new students should go through some readings (available at the TMC library) prior to the start of the classes.
The Master of Technology Management (MTM) program of the UP Technology Management Center applies an interdisciplinary approach that combines business management, engineering, and the social and physical sciences.

Entering graduate school entails a lot of self-discipline, thus, going through this next phase in my continuous quest for knowledge poses a great challenge to me. I will try my very best to balance my religious duties, job, studies, and my duties as a wife and mother.

whew, I will going back to school after 9 long years…