Blog Backlogs

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I have so many blog backlogs due to my wonky internet connection these past few days. In order to catch up, here are some of important posts that I’ve missed:

My First UP Fair Experience
Without any plans of going to the fair, three of my classmates tagged me along in the fair last Tuesday. If I remember it right, the event was dubbed as “Sisfire7” and sponsored by UP Economics Society and UP Sigma Beta Sorority. Though we didn’t stayed until wee hours, it was quite an awesome experience.

Our Baguio City Family Getaway (February 5-7, 2010)

Just before the husband arrived from Oman, I have already arranged our 3-day vacation in the City of Pines. We stayed in a transient house there which was few minutes away from Burnham Park. We really enjoyed our vacation. It was our first out-of-town trip together (Papa, Thea and me). Yes, just the three of us. We have been    into lots of out-of-town trips with my in-laws and relatives. Thea and I went to my hometown, but never with Papa because he’s always working. The trip was indeed a perfect bonding time. It was one of my happiest moments with my beloved family.

Here are some of my photos:
Thea and Papa in front of Philippine Military Academy Visitor’s Center
with a giant St. Bernard dog at Mines View Park
Thea and the Pink Pony