I am a Less Active Mom Blogger

Hello world!!! 
My church duties, motherhood duties, and full-time job have been my main concerns during these past few months of 2013. In addition to that, I got hooked to reading e-books plus few games such as Candy Crush Saga, an addictive candy puzzle adventure hahaha. 
I already mentioned in my previous posts that I have a new nanny for my 2 kids. So, I devoted some of my time training her.So far, she’s okey – responsible, kind, patient, and my kids get along with her easily. 
On the other hand, seminars, training, meetings and other work-related matter also took a large chunk of my time. We had a sort of sports tournament, too – the UDD Bowlympics 2013 held at the Metroclub Bowling Center here in Makati City. Our team landed second place in Division B (teams composed on not-so professional bowlers hehe). Not bad, eh. Here’s  my team together with our Department Head. Me and my colleagues are getting hooked to bowling. 
I’m going out-of-town next week for a three-day Makati Shelter Plan writeshop in Camayan Beach Resort in Subic. 
I miss blogging, I miss my blogs. Now, I am contemplating on letting go of my other blogs and concentrate on this blog. I might get a domain and migrate this to WordPress. Well, that’s quite a tedious process so let’s see what will happen next. 
Oh wait, before I end this post. I am proud to announce that my daughter is turning 7 on the 25th of this month. I have not prepared anything for her party yet. Well, she just want a simple swimming party and a toy shopping spree. She has a long wishlist of toys she wanted – a big kitchen set, electronic err battery operated musical keyboard, Barbie or Moxy Girl Doll, to name a few. 
Good day everyone!!!