Dora the Explorer, Ni Hao Kai-lan, Team Umizoomi

What do Team Umizoomi, Dora the Explorer and Ni Hao Kai-lan have in common. For me,

  • all of them are’s educational shows of for preschoolers. 
  • children viewers are encouraged by their play-along adventure formats 
  • these shows help child’s increase their self confidence and enhance their problem-solving skills
  • and lastly, all of them are my daughter’s favorite shows! 
I think almost all moms with children aged 7 and below are familiar with Dora the Explorer, starring the adventurous Latina named Dora and her friends. Kids learn while watching the show because it is designed to actively encourage preschoolers in a play-along adventure and exploration. Thea, my daughter has been watching Dora just before she turned 1 year old. Thea learned a lot of Spanish words from Dora. 

Ni Hao Kai-Lan can be considered as the Chinese version of Dora the Explorer. Hi hao means “hi” in Chinese. The show is about Kai-lan Chow, a 6 year old Chinese-American preschooler who enjoys playing along with her friends. The creators of the show was able to introduce Chinese culture and language to preschoolers in a fun-filled manner. Again, Thea got few Mandarin words from the show. Am I raising a multi-lingual child here? How cool is that? hahaha 

Last year, she got fascinated with Team Umizoomi  because of their action-packed adventures and ability to solve any problem of their friends who ask for help. What I like about the show is the integration of early Math concepts like counting, measurement, and basic shapes. Every episode, the team composed of Milli, Geo, and Bot, helps kids develop their Math and problem-solving skills in a fun an easy way. 

Now, she’s getting addicted to Barbie… Perhaps the words she uttered to me last night was influenced the these TV shows. On our way to Dunkin’ Donuts, she looked up the sky and said “Ma, look at the moon!”, Then I asked “What’s the shape of the moon tonight? She answered with full conviction, Crescent! 🙂

While watching TV has several advantages, it also brings lots of disadvantages especially to the young ones. Studies claim that the health impact of too much time on the tube is obesity. At times, TV can also influence the aggressive behavior of children… So, my advice to moms out there, regulate TV viewing at home. There are lots of alternatives like reading, engaging your child in arts and music, and many more… 
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