Rainy Season Blues

Did you experience heavy rains, heavy traffic, and flooded streets last night? Well, I was one of those unfortunate commuters who got stucked in the flooded streets last night. 

I came from a whole day seminar yesterday. I, together with my two officemates went back to our office right after the seminar. While most of the people in our group decided to go home early because, according to them, heavy rain might pour, I stayed until around 6:30pm. 
I must have left the office earlier, too. I was soaking wet while aboard a tricycle and got quite pissed off because some jeepneys drivers decided to cut their trip to avoid flooded areas. My travel time is almost 2 hours, I arrived home at 8:45.  
Lessons learned: Since, it’s already, always bring an umbrella and leave the office as early as possible. 
Stay safe, everyone!