On Getting Things Done

I listed six most important and urgent (office) task yesterday. I’m so glad that my To-Do List is getting shorter and shorter. Thanks to our staff temporarily hired through Government Internship Program (GIP) for assisting me in accomplishing some of my tasks. Here’s my list:

  1. Edit and FinalizeAnnual Outcome Evaluation Report 2011
  2. Prepare of LGPMS Documents / DILG’s Gawad Pamana ng Lahi Nomination
  3. Edit and Finalize the GAD Plan 2012
  4. Prepare GAD Council Minutes of the Meeting 
  5. Prepare Highlights of the Training on Gender Responsive Governance
  6. Prepare Itinerary of  Travel or Reimbursement of Transportation Expenses  
I am currently editing the document under Task No. 3. Bye for now!!!