2010: A Year of Triumph and Trials

Yes, indeed! 2010 is one of my unforgettable years – the year that brought me tears of joy and sadness. So, let me give you a glimpse of the year that passed.
I am grateful to be part of Team Earthlingorgeous won the first-ever Nestle Fitnesse 14 Days to Show Off your Shape Challenge. Our team won the contest. We glamorously modeled the designer pieces we’ve won during the photoshoot with Wes Villarica at Parallax Studio Makati last January.

Thea and I prepared a simple homecoming celebration during my husband’s homecoming in January 31, 2010.
A week after husband’s arrival, we went to Baguio for a three-day vacation. ‘Twas Thea’s first visit to the country’s summer capital.

I got pregnant with our second bundle of joy and it was another dream come true for our family.
April was sad month for me and my family. My brother passed away last April 2 due to cardiac arrest. His untimely death really brought us sorrow and pain.
Thea celebrated her 4th birthday in Bicol last April 25th.
 …celebrated my 33rd birthday.  It was just a simple celebration but Thea’s arrival (from summer vacation in Bicol) and my husband’s phone call made my day complete.
I attended Mommy & Me Sparty: Benefits of Touch Therapy May 29, 2010 at Dulcinea, Eastwood City, Libis QC. Thanks to Mommy Bloggers Club and Nuffnang for inviting me in a mommies meet-up at the Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Discovery. 
After 16 long years, I got the chance to meet some of my high school buddies last May 30. . We have not seen each other since our high school graduation day. The meet-up is part of the pre-planning activities in relation to our Alma Mater’s Grand Alumni Homecoming slated on May 2011. 

I filed leave of absence (LOA) from graduate school. I wish I can go back next semester.
My little girl’s next step in pre-school – she’s now in Kindergarten.


July 27, 2010 – Iglesia Ni Cristo 96th Anniversary. God Bless all INC brethren worldwide!
Thursday, July 29, 2010 at around 10am, I went down from our office using the stairs, since the elevator broke down again. While going down to the second floor, I accidentally slipped in the 3rd to the last step and fell down. Thanks God, nothing serious happened to me and my baby.
We celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary last August 20. Cheers to more love and happiness until the end…
..tried the Pantene 14-Day Challenge and successfully attained less hair fall. Thanks Pantene!!!
I expected to give  birth during the last week of this month. I Filed a leave from work during the 3rd and last week of October.
The happiest month… Baby Yohan Amiel was born last November 4 via normal spontaneous delivery. Thank you, Lord for the wonderful blessings.

My husband arrived last December 12. He went home so he can finally cuddle and play with our little angel darling Yohan.
Thea went to Baguio City with her Titos, Titas and cousins…  

Time flies so fast, yet so many wonderful things happened. Happy or sad, success or failure, we’ll learn from all those wonderful memories just always remember: Count not the worries but all the blessings received from our Almighty God.
Happy New Year to you and your family. God Bless us all!!! 

A Glimpse of Week 04 (Jan19-25)

Last week was one of my busiest since I entered graduate school last June 2008. Our team finished the first deliverable for our technology marketing and commercialization class. We prepared the paper and presentation material simultaneously in more than 1 week. We did an industry analysis on the semiconductor and electronics industry in the Philippines. The industry we’ve chosen is in perfect timing because aside from garments, semicon and electronics will experience greater impacts of the worsening global economy. In fact, Intel announced that their chip manufacturing plant in the country will shut down this year. Texas Instruments in Bagiuo City, on the other hand, trimmed down its employees. We presented our findings last Jan23rd and submitted the paper last Friday. Right now, we’re preparing for the second paper, a management case of a local semicon company. Good luck to the upcoming brainstorming sessions.

By the way, the UP Technology Management Center (TMC) is presently accepting applications to its Master of Technology Management (MTM) program for the coming schoolyear (2009-2010). The deadline for submitting all application requirements is on March 5, 2009. The entrance examination will be held on March 8, 2009. Visit http://www.tmc.upd.edu.ph/ for more information.


I regret that I did not make it on a coffee date with fellow bloggers last weekend. I hope I could join them next time…


Home improvement underway… The construction works have also caused additional pressure. I am just looking forward it’ll be completed by end of this month, if Mr. Wallet will still allow us hehe.

So much for ranting here… Bye-bye, have a fruitful week to you all…

Random Thoughts and Rants

I’ve been alone in the house since Thursday night. My sis, together with her son and Thea went home to Sorsogon. The main reason – sis will file the correction of typo error in her birth certificate in our local civil registrar office. Their trip will also serve as a short visit to Mama and the rest of my Ate’s kids. …I miss my daughter’s talkativeness, her funny punch lines, and her endless rendition of her favorite songs, etc. They’ll be back tomorrow.

After two weeks of chillin’ at home during the Holidays, office works and school requirements are here again. At the office, I have bunch of reports to accomplish. There are lots of team projects in my Technology Marketing class that requires me to be present in meetings that we agreed last Saturday. Btw, I am grateful that I delivered our presentation quite well last Friday. Thanks for the support, guys (team mates). I know I need some more practice for our upcoming reports. I’m not really good in public speaking, that’s why I really get nervous whenever I am assigned to talk in front many people.

Bye for now, wishing you all a productive week ahead.

Rain, Rain Go Away

At last, the rain stopped…

After attending a 3-hour meeting this morning, I decided to go to the nearest Western Union branch to claim Hubby’s remittance. heavy rains poured while our meeting was still on-going. However, I don’t have any idea that the street fronting our building is flooded already. I have no choice but to cross the street, good thing I used my old pair of shoes. The teller even wondered how I managed to traverse the flooded lane. I just said I really have to transact with them during lunch break because I have a class later.

When I went up to the office, I washed my feet to get rid of germs/bacteria that may cause illness such lyptospirosis. Then, I ate lunch which I bought at the Tiangge sa City Hall.

While discussing our group case study with my classmate thru YM, I told her that I may not attend the class due to the bad weather. Few hours later, I received an SMS from TMC staff saying “No class today, Wed. TM 241 due to heavy rains” . Yehey!, it seems that my request was granted and so I will not be marked absent by our professor. (lolz)

Okay, friends in the blogosphere, I have to say bye for now. I still have to buy some stuffs for Hubby. I will send a package to him through his colleague who will leave on Friday.

Site Improvement

I made some sort of site improvement today. Classifying related widgets, banners as well as text links made my side bar more organized.

I also joined Sponsored Reviews, another way towards monetizing this blog. I do hope I’ll be successful this time…

Only two days before the examination, and yet I still have to review 14 more lessons. Oh no! I’m nervous and still contemplating on my professor’s statement that the one she’ll be giving us serves as a practice comprehensive exam…

On Paid Blogging

Whenever I open my inbox, I feel frustrated. Why? There are numerous opportunities on paid blogging and blog advertising that are coming my way. But then, I can’t grab the opportunity for now. First and foremost, I do not have my own computer/laptop and internet connection at home. Aside from blogging and an part-time online job perhaps, I also need it communicate with my husband. It will also help me in my research works and for other school-related purposes. I really want to have them both on December. Secondly, I have a hectic schedule on my full-time job. And last but not the least, I got busier at home, attending the little girl’s needs and daily household chores.

Oh how I wish it’s already December…. lol.

Good News, Bad News

Storm “Frank” hit the country yesterday and left thousands of Filipinos homeless. As the death toll nationwide from the typhoon soared to 229 yesterday, more than 700 passengers and crew were missing after Sulpicio Lines’ M/V Princess of the Stars capsized last Saturday off Sibuyan Island in Romblon. (http://www.philstar.com/)
DepEd and CHED announced today that there were no classes in all levels in Metro Manila and 12 provinces in Luzon. That was sort of a good news to some students…On the other hand, employees like me, should report for work since we are not included in that suspension.
Personally, I have two exciting news today. First, I am perfectly okay now because the colds are gone. I choose to keep the second one undisclosed as of this moment but I promise to write a post about it on the next few days…

Not a Hundred Percent

I am so lazy to blog today… the reason is I’m not feeling well. Runny nose and , watery eye… hayyy! I have colds and its driving me crazy. Despite what I’m feeling, I still need to work today since I was out of the office yesterday, not that I was on leave but because I attended a meeting outside. I represented my boss in the Budget Review conducted in MMDA.

I missed blogging for a day… missed hopping from one blog to another, as well as checking websites during breaks looking forward to monetizing my blog.

I pray that I’ll be okay next week because I will undergo our Annual Physical Examination on Wednesday; otherwise, my salary on the next payday will be on hold.

Post Holiday Syndrome

Almost all Filipino employees had a one-day break yesterday. Thanks to GMA who declared June 9 as a holiday instead of June 12 (Philippine Independence Day).

Unlike others who enjoyed the extended weekend through out-of-town trips, or simply stayed at home with their loved ones, mine was indeed a tiring one. Last Saturday, I cleaned the fridge, went to the market, and prepared for the exam. And on top of it, I also attended to the little girl’s needs since my sister was out during the whole day. Sunday was an extremely busy day too.

Yesterday, Hubby and I cleaned and re-organized our room. The laundry also piled up that even my sister helped me… still, we didn’t finish the job.

Guess what the consequence of this; I felt not reporting for work today. And the worst scenario is – I was confused on the color of uniform, instead of wearing the pair for Tuesday, I am wearing yesterday’s set of uniform hehehe. It was an honest mistake, I swear! I can’t go home to change as I am now living in Mandaluyong, unlike 3 years ago that I used to live 3 blocks away from the office.

Lesson learned: To Avoid Confusion – Separate the unused uniform due to holidays or absences/leave from those which will be worn during the rest of the week. (lol)