The Passionate Blogger’s Creed

I believe in pursuing one’s passion. 
And blogging purely for passion.  

I believe that each person has a story to tell. 
And their stories are as important as mine’s. 

 I believe in supporting talents,
 in things lovingly made by hands, and heart. 

 I will continue to blog no matter how many people visit my site, 
or how many people will leave messages. 

 I will continue to share my story, 
and sprinkle some lessons and inspiration here and there. 

 I will build a happy community among those that
 I constantly read, support, learn and take inspiration from.
I’ve learned about Passionate Blogger and the Creed from Aierin of Pinay Ads . She called the attention of bloggers out there to join the advocacy of The Passionate Blogger, an directory of passionate bloggers that advocate the passion in blogging and added the Passionate Blogger Button to their sites. 
With all the issues coming out in the blogosphere, I think this cause is just in time to rekindle the early years of blogging wherein every blogger is passionately sharing his or her own stories on the web. I firmly believe that each person has a story to tell and their stories are as important as mine’s. I will continue to blog and willingly share this passion to my kids and other people around me who share the same passion in writing like mine. 
So, if you live by the Passionate Blogger’s Creed, then proudly put this logo on your site. Just copy the HTML code. (Only for personal blogsites)