My Thoughts On the “Powerful and Positive Things That Parents Should Tell Their Children Everyday”

Saying lots of “I love you”, “”Thank You” and “I’m Sorry” is very common in my household.  My husband and I trained our children to always say these phrases. While telling that  three important phrases often have positive impact on child development, I learned that there are other things that we should tell our children that will bring positive influence to them. 
You can do it, baby. Mama will catch you
Mama and Ate are so proud of you! 
(taken during Yohan’s summer kindergarten program graduation)
Exploring the nature together. Thea: This a bonsai Macopa plant
I’ve read an article about “13 Powerful and Positive Things You Should Tell Your Child Everyday” on the website  I realized a lot of things after reading the article.  Saying I love you is not enough to show how much we love and care for our children.  Small children are like sponge, as they say. They absorb every words spoken and every action by adults around them while growing up.  That is why it is important to speak at act accordingly in front of them. 
Here are some of  positive and powerful words of affirmation to help children grow happy,confident and independent.
Do not give up
Whether it’s about learning how to ride a bicycle or solving Math problems, it is important to shower our children with words of encouragement. 
My eldest tells me that she finds Math subject quite difficult.  I, on the other hand, admit that sometimes I lose my temper during study time.  Aside from encouraging her to give her best shot and to be patient, the phrase “don’t give up” also fits me. We will work together to turn her present weaknesses into strengths in the future. 
I believe in you

My husband and I always tell and show the kids that we believe in their talents and capabilities. We are ready to support them and believe in them no matter what happens. 
You are clever / You are smart

When spoken in a positive manner, these words of encouragement will help children develop self-esteem.

Always do your best 

Teaching our children to always do their best and strive hard will make their lives better in the future.  I will bear this in mind!

We learn through practice

This is so true!  Practice makes perfect nga di ba? Just like teaching a child on how to tie a shoelace. With patience, they will learn to tie shoelace on their own.

I am here whenever you need me

Open communication and + sense of security are really important.  These words of assurance will help children to openly communicate with their parents.

I think of you when we are apart

I have to tell my children that I think of them whenever we are away from each other.  Nasanay na yata ako at sila din na nag-wowork ako ever since they’re born, kaya di ko ito masyado nasasabi sa kanila. Isang factor din siguro yung marunong na sila gumamit ng (landline) phone at nakakausap ko sila whenever they need something.

You make me so happy

Our bunso is the makulit na may great sense of humor in the family.  He never fails to amaze us with his funny antics. Ate and bunso are both thoughtful, too. They kiss and hug us a lot.

You can change your mind

At home, we don’t impose – especially when it comes to extra curricular activities. If at the moment, Thea wants to learn how to play piano, but decides to join art classes instead when summer vacation comes, no problem. It’s perfectly fine with us. We will support her hobbies all the way.

You are beautiful

Of course! mana sila kayo sa akin eh.  hahaha joke lang.  Kidding aside, as parents, we should be the first one to believe in our children and assure them that they are beautifully unique individuals.

How did you do that

Asking them these make them feel that we are interested in what they do.

Thank you

Children’s simple act of kindness and thoughtfulness should be reciprocated by saying Thank you.

You are really interesting

Arrgh! I’m sorry, I am (sometimes) guilty of saying the opposite lalo na pag paulit-ulit sila at maraming questions at pag may ginagawa ako.  

So that’s it! I am grateful that author of the article for helping realize my shortcomings as a parent.  I will do my best to be a positive parent.  Parenting, really is a tough job and requires continuous learning and practice.

Hope you enjoy reading! Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.