One Has Died and I Want More Replacement Plants

This cactus died probably because of over-watering, one of the pitfalls of using a planter or pot without drainage holes. With this experience, I might invest in a drill specifically designed for drilling holes in ceramic materials. 
I am quite depressed…. So, I researched a bit. I want more replacement plants, the ones that are hard-to-kill and can thrive indoors or shady areas. 
Below is my ‘plant wishlist’.
for lucky indoor plants:
  • Lucky Bamboo (from dracaena genus)
  • Hawaiian Ti Plant (I already one variety of this)
  • Money Tree (Pachira)
  • Jade Plant
  • Snake Plant
for outdoor plants, I want: 
  • White clover 
  • Basil
  • Jasmine
  • Rosemary
  • Hibiscus
  • Roses 
  • Agave succulents
  • African Violets 
  • Vietnam Rose
Other plants:
  • Song of Jamaica
  • Song of India 
  • Bromeliad
I chose not to show you photos of the plants I listed above. Just wait and see my future purchases. 
On the other news, I will be launching a gardening blog next month. I will be hosting a contest, too. Watch out for it, guys! 
Happy Gardening! 

Tea Cup Succulents

Succulents and cacti are becoming popular these days. Who would not fall in love with these cute and attractive plants?  This morning, I made my first batch of succulent tea cup garden.
Tea cup succulents are excellent but inexpensive gifts or party favors. I just spent Php180.00 (3.78 USD)  for these three plants.  Preparation is very easy, as easy as making a terrarium.  Instructions can be found in my How to Make a Terrarium article. I also patterned my instructions from a tutorial at Instructables .
Here is my completed project:
I will give this one to my office mate, Bhang who bought two of the containers I used in this project. 

They’re on top of my desk now. 🙂