That Winter, The Wind Blows

I was once hooked in watching Korean dramas. I’ve seen several series including Full House, Hotelier, Boys Over Flowers, etc. When ABS-CBN showed the trailer of their newest  Korean drama series, I got interested in watching it. Even it’s time slot  is already a bit late, I still  watch the episodes.
That Winter, the Wind Blows is a 2013 South Korean romantic melodrama television series starring Zo In-sung, Song Hye-kyo, Kim Bum and Jung Eun-ji. Wikipedia
First episode: February 13, 2013
Final episode: April 3, 2013
Network: Seoul Broadcasting System
Program creator: Golden Thumb
Genres: Korean dramaMelodramaRomance Film
Main Casts: 

Jo Insung as Oh Soo
Song Hye-kyo as Oh Young
An officemate told me over Facebook that she already watched the entire series thru a website called Good! I might continue watching the series through in that site. 
How about you, do like watching Korean drama series? What are your favorites so far?