No More Phone, so What’s Next?

Being a parent of today’s generation is quite challenging. In this modern day and age of digital technology, parents are faced with several issues and challenges in raising their children. 
As parents to a 13-year old daughter and soon-to-be tween son, my husband and I are doing our best (I think)  to instill unto them positive values and prepare them for the future.  However, their exposure to cellphone and social media made our day-to-day relationship extra challenging. One of  the major turning points happened this weekend. It was heartbreaking… but with high hopes, our challenges will be addressed soon. I know, stress and disappointments isn’t forever. 
Her cellphone was confiscated because of too much engagement to social media. We got worried that it may lead to more serious problem  in the future for we are seeing some danger signs already but instead to listening to us, she continued her excessive phone usage to the point that she’s still online until wee hours of the morning. 
What’s more heartbreaking is that, she tried to walk away from home after being scolded.  I hope that after our serious talks last Sunday, she realized that we are doing this for her on good. We reached into some agreements and trade-off like no phone until being responsible enough to own one, focus more on reading, thus start collecting books and build a mini-library. We also told her to focus on self-care in order to improve her self-esteem, mood and reduce anxiety. 
To our dear darling daughter, ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS: We love you for who you are and we are always be your side, no matter what happens. Love you very, very much. Mag-bullet journal na lang tayo saka magbasa ng maraming libro.