Thoughts on Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

No blog post for the past 6 days… Wondering where I’ve been? Oh well, I just got so busy with motherhood duties during the past few days. 
I filed a two day off from work last Monday and Tuesday to devote quality time with my husband and children. I thought I will have some time to visit my sister who lives in Quezon City but the bad weather prevented me to do so. Instead, I cleaned the house, did the laundry and looked after the kids. I really appreciate my husband who prepared our food most of the time. Despite of muscle pains, I really enjoyed my very short vacation. 
Now, I am contemplating on being a stay at home or work at home mommy in the near future. I do hope I can find a stable online job or perhaps start a small-scale business. 
My husband is still waiting for his working visa. This means that his almost vacation is almost over and another year of being an OFW awaits us. As we’ve agreed, this time we will focus on saving so that we can start a small business next year. 
I am so looking forward for another long weekend this month. There are some declared non-working holidays, I suppose.:)