How to Find the Best Restaurants When You Travel

Food is one of the most important elements to consider when you are traveling somewhere new, as it is an integral part of your experience. Here are some tips to finding some great places to eat anywhere you go.

Talk to the Locals

The best source to go to for under-the-radar food is the locals. Not only are the local diners and cafes almost always cheaper, but by going there, you are supporting a small business that is usually family-owned. Many also have loyal customer bases, so you can confidently order anything off of the menu, or take recommendations from local residents. Try to eat at unique restaurants to get the most out of the local cuisine. 

Research Ahead of Time

The internet is marvelous for finding restaurants and local food businesses. If you would like to see the highest rated places in your area, you can conduct an internet search to see businesses, how far away they are from you, the rating, and even reviews left by previous customers with pictures of what they ordered. For example, if you are in Plano, Texas, search for “plano tx seafood restaurants” if you are in the mood for fish, and you will have a myriad of information to work with. 

Look for Area Specialties

Depending on where you are traveling, there are bound to be signature dishes based on unique food that is available in the area. If you are in Louisiana, it would not be surprising if something incorporating alligator were to show up on the menu. Finding and trying these types of dishes can really enrich a travel experience and make you feel like you are getting a one-of-a-kind meal. 
No matter where you are traveling to, with these tips and tricks, you are guaranteed to enjoy and create lasting memories with every meal.

No. 1 Seafood Restaurant in Plano, Texas

For my friends and readers residing or visiting Texas, USA, I have good news for you! 
Among the Plano TX seafood restaurants, the Boiling Pots is proud to hold the Number One distinction as the best Cajun restaurant.  Serving its traditional Cajun and Creole favorites with a modern twist, it presents a feast of flavorful southern cuisine that delights its customers, whether is a person eating alone, a family. or a group of friends or business associates. 
Known to give each customer the best possible dining experience, that is accomplished by using the highest quality  and freshest food in its recipes and having it served by a well-qualified and friendly staff.
Boiled Combo
this mouth-watering goodness is just one of Boiling Pots’ wide array of seafood choices 
The  chefs are masters at perfectly preparing and seasoning the specialized food to elicit raves and give them flavors worth raving about.  By the way, Cajun cuisines originated from the French-speaking people who were deported by the British from Acadia in Canada to the Louisiana Acadiana region.
It is a rustic cuisine with simple preparation and primarily using locally-grown ingredients. It usually used three pots: one for the main dish, one for the steamed rice or seafood or special sausages, and one with variety of vegetables.  Roughly diced onion, green bell pepper, and celery are combine and cooked in many of the dishes.  Other favorite aromatics are bay leaf, parsley, green onions, and dried black and/or cayenne pepper. 
Combos are The Boiling Pots’ featured selections. They include boiled seafood; a Colossal with the amazing inclusion of snow crab, king crab, clams, jumbo shrimp, mussels, and sausage; and other combinations with the various seafood entrees. 
Seafood baskets come with fries, hush puppies, or coleslaw and feature fried shrimp, fried catfish, fish filets, chicken tenders, or popcorn shrimp. 
Chicken Wings give a choice of many different sauces such as Hot, Mild, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Honey BBQ, and Cajun. 
The Kids Menu shows fries coming with fried shrimp, fried catfish, popcorn shrimp, or chicken tenders. 
Save room for dessert because you can choose between Homemade Red Velvet Cake, Homemade Lemon Pound Cake, or Chocolate or Strawberry Cheesecake. 
Satisfy your cravings for outstanding dishes in a friendly atmosphere when you are lucky enough to be able to drive to and dine at The Boiling Pots in Plano.