Celebrating My Daughter’s Academic Achievements

March and April are the months for recognition and graduation rites in the Philippine academic calendar. My daughter’s school, Maranatha Academy – Mandaluyong City conducted their Thanksgiving and Recognition Day yesterday, March 26.

Thea consistently belonged to the honor rolls from first to fourth quarter of  this school year. Yesterday, she got three awards – Most Friendly, Best in Filipino, and Third Honor. My husband and I attended the ceremony. We are so thrilled to witness our daughter’s fruit of  hard work. Though we had lots of ups and downs when it comes to building a good study habit given that she is a playful kid who kinda hate memorization and would trade study time with memorizing a song or by just being glued in front of TV watching her favorite cartoons. Doing her homework and reviewing for exams are a bit challenging for us. Despite all of these, we managed to keep up with school requirements and get good grades on periodical exams. She participated in extra-curricular activities, too. Their school implements a 70-30 points system in determining student’s performance. It means that 70% of grade comes from periodical exams and quizzes and 30% comes from extra-curricular activities participation. 
I am very happy because the husband was able to witness our daughter’s achievements. He’s out of the country most of the time and physically absent during recognition days or other school activities. 
Thea got 3 awards – Most Friendly, Best in Filipino, and 3rd Honor 

 Papa and the awardee… Thea and her classmates performed a folk dance called Dagit-Dagit
souvenir shot at the Kaban ng Hiyas lobby (Mandaluyong City Hall)
at North Park Restaurant, while waiting for our order 
During the ceremony, I remembered my elementary and high school days, being a consistent honor student from Grade 3 to Second Year high school. Once it was my parents who were excited and proud of my awards, now it’s me and my husband celebrating our daughter’s achievements. Once it was my mom who adorned the medals to me, now it was me who went up the stage with Thea and did the same. I felt like I’m the happiest mommy on earth.
Congratulations again to Ate Thea, Keep up the good work, anak!
Thanks to all who greeted us personally and those who posted their messages on Facebook. 🙂