Lemon on my Water, Lemon on my Dishes

There are several health benefits from lemon. I learned this from an officemate and based on further research on the Internet, studies show that lemon is for treatment of diseases like throat infections, constipation, indigestion, dental problem, fever, high blood pressure, kidney problem (kidney stones), and rheumatism. It can also help cure internal bleeding and, hair and skin problems. Aside from  this lemon is also good for weight loss. 

I am getting hooked to drinking warm water with lemon juice. I also put lemon in a variety of dishes such as pan-grilled pork, fried chicken, adobo and salsa for nachos. This morning I prepared fried chicken which was marinated in lemon juice, salt and pepper. This  coming weekend, I am planning to have a pan-grilled tuna steak. 
How about you, have tried lemons?