Random Musings: Life as a Mom

While designing my bullet journal, I suddenly remembered that I have an unused bookmark from my 2013 Mommy Mundo 24/7 Planner. I pulled it out and inserted it in between the pages of my new planner. The bookmark has a quotation that reads:

Mom’s Life is made of days spent with pure joy, simple laughter, tests of wisdom, true faith and realized blessings.

I totally agree!
If you’ve been following my posts about parenting, you know that I am experiencing a challenging phase of motherhood coz I am parenting a soon-to-be teenager. Defiant behavior, episodes of lying, going out without asking permission, name it. We are experiencing that at home, this early. My daughter is only 11, going 12 in April.
My husband and I talked about her many times already. We asked ourselves what’s wrong, what have we done etcetera. This morning after talking to her because of another misdeed, my husband said calmly, “Don’t worry, Thea will also change her ways, her attitude”. I think it’s his way of comforting me. In times like these kasi, I can feel that my wisdom is being put to the test so as my love and patience.
Thea is friendly, loves music and arts and recently hooked to K-Pop group called BTS.  But her behavior now, I think, is greatly influenced by wrong choice of peers whom she think are her “friends”, and addiction to gadgets.  I am continuously looking for ways to strengthen our bond as a family and in keeping communication lines open.  I will let her enjoy things that she loves like singing, drawing, and writing (in her journal). I will let her develop her own identity. I will encourage her to enjoy her youth, free from too much pressures from barkada.  

Do you have any suggestion on how to handle defiance among teens? Share them in the comment section, please. Love you all, thank you! 

My thoughts on being Humble

Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. 
Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.
John Wooden 

In my 36 years of existence in this world, I’ve encountered enough number of people with differerent attitudes and values. I’ve learned that humility is a virtue as important as love and respect for others. It is one of the traits found in great leaders and persons with strong character. 

Let us remain humble at all times. No matter how rich, educated, and famous we are; we should always keep our feet on the ground.