Public Speaking and Me

Research and report writing are my forte. Public speaking, on the other hand is my weakness. I don’t know why I fear facing the crowd regardless how big or small the audience is. I am not sure if it is because of the some not-so-good experiences during my college days. I got mocked a not one but two professors because of my regional accent. Since then, I accepted that I can excel in written communication but not in the areas of public speaking. 
Reality check…the scope of my job has evolved and I have to accept the fact that my supervisors will assign a task that requires to test my presentation skills. 
I attended a two-day workshop for the formulation of our city’s poverty reduction programs for the next 3 years. The organizers requested from our department to assist in the facilitation of the workshops. Thus, I have no choice but to deliver two presentations during the two-day activity. I’m grateful because my colleagues said that my talk went well. I just hope that the participants learned something from my presentations, hehehe…