Thea’s project in English is donation of old or new storybook. I went home early yesterday and bought a book from a local bookstore. I bought a Wizard of Oz book which is re-published by a Filipino publisher, priced only Php99.75. 
Here’s the photo of the book I got from Lampara Books website 
I like how the publisher created a easy-to-read versions of classic novels. While browsing the book at home, we noticed a Glossary of terms and study guide at the second to the last page. Then, a list of over 50 (i think) tittles from the Illustrated Classics Collection on the last page. Thea and Yohan said that they want copies of some of the books in the list. So, we agreed to have a book hunting trip soon.
By the way, her teacher instructed that they have to write a dedication for the readers in the book. Here is Thea’s dedication:

Dear Readers, 

                 I’ve seen the “Wizard of Oz” play and I liked it. Hope you’ll enjoy the book version, too.

                                                                                                 much love,

                                                                                                 Yasmin Zaballa

Eye Level (E.nopi) Math Enrichment Program

My super active daughter is now in Grade 2. I regret not enrolling her to any enrichment class or curricular activity last summer. I’ve been busy at work, made adjustment due having a newly-hired househelp plus I’ve been in a not-so-healthy state during the later part of the school break. She could have learned how to play piano or perhaps attended summer dance workshop. Due to lack of a more productive summer activity, she  got hooked to TV. 
I am slowly reducing her time in front of the television. I am glad that she has to attend practices and perform her duties as Choir member in our Church on Saturdays and Sundays which help a lot to keep her busy and momentarily forget her favorite cartoon shows. 
One of the things I want her to try is to attend Math Enrichment classes. I’ve been doing online research on the different features, locations, and fees of different tutorial centers here in Metro Manila. I’ve learned that there are at least 5 companies that caters Math tutorial program. One of them in E.nopi, now known as Eye Level.
Why Eyel Level?
Eye Level or E.nopi originated from Korea. An Eye Level education starts with seeing things from student’s eye level. It is based on an educational principlle wherein students learn at their own pace. Eye Level offers Math and English classes. Students are given diagnostic assessment to determine the best way that suits his or her curriculum level. They cater to students aged 3-16 years old. 
Based on my inquiry at Eye Level Shaw-Liberty Center, Mandaluyong Branch, the monthly tuition fee is Php1,980. There’s a one time registration fee amounting to Php390. Classes are held twice a week for a duration of 45 minutes – 1 hour per session. The center is open from :30 am to7:00 p.m. on weekdays and from 8:30 am to 12:00 noon on Saturdays. 
If you are interested to enroll your child in Eye Level, you can visit their website and you can find interesting information about the company.