PLDT Telpad: The New Face of Landline Phone

What are the features of an old-fashioned landline phone? Can you name some? We all know that we can only receive and make calls to our relatives and friends through it right? No more value-added features, but with the new PLDT Telpad, you have a wide array of choices with only one powerful gadget! Isn’t it amazing?

The PLDT Telpad combines landline service with a touch-screen tablet and a high speed myDSL service under one service plan. Since it is powered with Android, it offers you access to thousands of applications. With PLDT Telpad you can read e-books, play games with your kids, browse recipes, listen to music, watch videos, take photos, read and send e-mails, update your status on social networking sites, view your MERALCO bills and  more… 

 Being an OFW family, we have lots of calls with my husband to keep our communication lines open.We share one PLDT landline with my in-laws. I think now is the time to subscribe of our very own line because this is a cool innovation from PLDT. 
One of my 1,001 reasons to subscribe to the new PLDT Telpad is the TelMeHow application. It is an educational online companion used as a source of easy-to-follow information, photos, and instructional videos on special interests and developing new skills. This app has various categories that are useful for moms like me in home management such as cooking, fashion, travel, photography, first aid, music, language, fitness, among others.  
One of goals this year is to improve the look of our humble abode. I’ve been compiling ideas on how to arrange, decorate and re-decorate our bedroom, living room and kitchen. I am pretty sure that the TelMeHow app can provide me tons of ideas in addition to my existing inspiration board. 
photos are not mine

This my official entry to the PLDT’s Telpad Bloggers Challenge , please vote for me and help me win a 13-inch Macbook Pro. A bunch of thanks in advance. Readers who will vote and sign up for a Telpad upgrade online will get a 16g Micro SD card as an incentive.