Please Vote for me in PLDT Telpad Blogger’s Challenge

Hello, my dear blog  readers and followers, I am happy to announce that I am one of the 4 finalists in the PLDT Telpad Blogger’s Challenge . Now, I am reqesting you to VOTE for me so I could win the 13-inch Macbook Pro prize. 

To vote, please visit this link – Then, click the Facebook and/or Twitter Share buttons. Lucky voters may win a 16g Micro SD Card as an incentive. If I win, I will be raffling a surprise gift to all my voters. So don’t forget to leave a comment here in my blog post or if we’re friends on FB, give me a shout there when you’re done voting. okiedokie?

Your comments/reactions on my entry – PLDT Telpad: The New Face of Landline Phone will be highly appreciated….

Lots and lots of thanks to you….