PBB Unlimited Big 4

I’ve been watching PBB Unlimited since Day 1 following the housemates in their tasks and challenges. Few more days before the Big Night, the top 4 was announcement last night an they are Slater, Paco, Biggel and Pamu. The final evictee was Divine. Slater got the highest vote (49.51%).

The Big Four

Jan Slater Young , 25 
Cebu City

Joseph Emil S. Biggel, 20

Philip Joel Lape Evangelista, 27
General Santos City

Annielie Gerez Pamorada, 20
Lipa, Batangas

I am rooting for Pamu. Go Girl Power!!!

The Pinoy Big Brother Big Night will be on Saturday, March 31 at the Quirino Grandstand.

credits: Yahoo Philippines OMG!, Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited