GT #3: Physical Education (PE) – My Most Hated Subject

I can sing but I am not a sports buff, I can’t dance, too. That is the main reason why I never loved Physical Education subjects when I was still a student. In college, I dropped once and nearly failed from 2 of my PE subjects. I only enjoyed a class once, I think it was about Individual and Team Sports. I learned how to play Darts and even won in the tournament. That was only the time I got a good grade in PE. 
I’ve read few Girltalkers who hate Math. Hey girls, I have something for you, you might want to read this blog   or share it to your kids or siblings. The blog called Sipnayan o Matematika is owned and maintained by my good friend/colleague/ (MRT) commuter buddy during our graduate school days in UP. He is a Math teacher by profession who’s willing to share cool tips and tricks in Math using our native language – Tagalog 🙂 
This is my 3rd entry for: