Gardening: Philodendron Serratum

 It’s been a while since my last post about gardening. At the heights of pandemic last year, many people became plantitos and plantitas. Personally, I have been caring for plants in my small window garden even before the rising hype of gardening happened. 

One of my favorite houseplants are philodendrons varieties. Just like this Philodendron Serratum:

Such a beauty, isn’t it? 

Caring for this particular houseplant is very easy. It can thrive with bright, indirect sunlight and right amount of water – allow the top soil to dry out between watering . You might wonder why the featured plant is indoor. That is one of the advantages of collecting Philodendrons…Unlike most houseplants, they do not experience as much stress when moving from outdoor settings (from gardeningknowhow).

More about my houseplants collection in the next posts. See yah!