Motivating Myself to Write

This is my very first post for this new decade and yet I still lack the motivation to write, maybe because I am still in the process of healing and acceptance. The sadness brought about by a painful, sudden loss of a loved one is still haunting me. So please bear with this emotional author
I missed the chance to share my year-ender post and this year’s One Word, as well. Perhaps, I will tell you are story about the things I am grateful for and memorable experiences in 2019 in the succeeding post. 
I am also thinking of revamping my blog. So, watch out for that. 
As our home improvement slash organizing journey continues, I will also share some DIY projects, tips and ideas.
As for the kids, they are doing quite well in school. They are already in the last quarter of this school year.  As early as now, they  we are thinking on how to enjoy the summer break while learning new things. 
That’s it for now, until next time. 

All About Skin Care and Make-up

I call myself a late-bloomer when it comes to skin care and make-up. Recently discovered Korean brands that works perfectly fine for my skin. I am in fact, loving the stuff I have right now. For skin care I have these:

Image result for dabo multi-purpose cleanser

  1. Dabo Flower Watery One-Step Cleanser

 Related image
2Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser

3. Srosee Daily Defense Emulsion (photo to follow)

4. Esfolio Berry Mix Sun Cream
I also use Kojic Soap, and Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. 
My make-up stash comprise local brands like Ever Belina; Mary Kay – for I am a loyal Mary Kay Gel Foundation user; Maybelline; and, variety of K-products such as Missha, Peripera, Aritaum, and Pretty Skin. 
Here’s a sample look using the products I mentioned. 

Lovin’ my lippie here! It’s a  Peripera Ink Velvet Tint in Shade No. 03 Cartoon Coral
That’s it for a short feature about skin care and make-up. Disclaimer: I am far from being a beauty blogger. hehe

On Being Happy and Contented

Last night, my husband asked me if I am happy with our life right now. Without hesitation, I said “Yes, I am happy.” As for our source of happiness – first and foremost is our faith in God for it give us  strong perspective, hope and a deeper sense of meaning. Happiness is seeing our children grow as well-rounded individuals. Career-wise, our happiness is not measured by the amount of paycheck, but the sense of fulfillment we have found in our respective careers.  Choosing gratefulness even with the smallest things makes us truly happy. 
Let me end this short post by quoting this daily guide of leading a happy life that I’ve found online, from an anonymous author. 
  • Count your blessings
  • Practice kindness 
  • Let go of what you can’t control
  • Listen to your heart
  • Be productive 

Crazy Over Lipsticks

Aside from watching Kdrama, trying out different shades of lipstick keep me happy these days. 
I love trying out different colors.. I’m getting hooked to Korean skin care and make-up, too. Some of the lippies I own include Mary Kay (midnight red semi-gel matte, and tranquil toffee gel semi-shine), Pink Sugar These Lips Don’t Lie, Ever Bilena Lip Define in Raw Burgundy, and my latest purchase Missha Ital Prism (CRO1). During my lazy days, I use Human Nature Tinted Lip Balm. 
Stay beautiful and safe, lovelies, despite the gloomy weather! 

Keep Safe, Everyone

Hi, it’s been a while since my last post (again) . Oh well, same excuses – work and motherhood duties combined. At work, I have given bigger responsibilities which mean more time analyzing data and meeting people outside of my workplace. And then, we do not have assistant at home anymore. Thus, I am spending more time in the kitchen and laundry area now.  I am not complaining though, because I love being a hands-on mama to my two growing kiddos. 
I used to blog during my free time. Now, short breaks from office work are meant for errands, attending meetings and activities at kids’s school, and of course quality time with my lovely family. 
In other news, a strong typhoon (Typhoon Ompong) continues to threaten a large portion of the Philippines. As per latest weather bulletin, Signal No. 3 was raised in some areas in the provinces Cagayan and Isabela  where thousands have already evacuated. Meanwhile, Signal No. 1 is hoisted in Metro Manila. 
I am praying for everyone’s safety.  
Stay Dry, huwag nang lumabas ng bahay hangga’t maaari

Vacation is Almost Over

Vacation is almost over for students here in the Philippines.  In fact, classes in all public schools already resumed last Monday, June 4.  On the other hand, my children will be going back to school on June 18. We still have few more days to relax and prepare for the upcoming school opening. Before writing this post, I’ve already listed the school supplies we are going to purchase this weekend.  We will also pick up their books and uniforms on Saturday. 
BTW, Sorry if I haven’t updated this blog for two months.  I encountered family issues in the past couple of months, thus lost the energy to even compose a simple article.  I got busy on my job as well.  I am happy to share that I’m doing okay now- family and career-wise.
Meanwhile, allow me to share snapshots  of what happened since April.
My Unica Hija Thea graduated in elementary last April 4, 2018.

Thea turned 12 last April 25. 

Moi, amazingly happy at 41. 

That’s all for now, more updates to come. 🙂

Holding On, Moving Forward

quote not mine

We’re on the 3rd month of 2018 already. Things are not easy during these past few months because of some challenges in parenting, career and finances. But I firmly believe that these too shall pass.. I will continue to hold on with my faith in God for I know all of these are just temporary.

Stress is bad for our health… I can’t wait for weekend to come, I’m going to buy few new plants, de-clutter and re-organize at least one area in our humble abode. Wish me all the luck, please! =)

Random Musings: Life as a Mom

While designing my bullet journal, I suddenly remembered that I have an unused bookmark from my 2013 Mommy Mundo 24/7 Planner. I pulled it out and inserted it in between the pages of my new planner. The bookmark has a quotation that reads:

Mom’s Life is made of days spent with pure joy, simple laughter, tests of wisdom, true faith and realized blessings.

I totally agree!
If you’ve been following my posts about parenting, you know that I am experiencing a challenging phase of motherhood coz I am parenting a soon-to-be teenager. Defiant behavior, episodes of lying, going out without asking permission, name it. We are experiencing that at home, this early. My daughter is only 11, going 12 in April.
My husband and I talked about her many times already. We asked ourselves what’s wrong, what have we done etcetera. This morning after talking to her because of another misdeed, my husband said calmly, “Don’t worry, Thea will also change her ways, her attitude”. I think it’s his way of comforting me. In times like these kasi, I can feel that my wisdom is being put to the test so as my love and patience.
Thea is friendly, loves music and arts and recently hooked to K-Pop group called BTS.  But her behavior now, I think, is greatly influenced by wrong choice of peers whom she think are her “friends”, and addiction to gadgets.  I am continuously looking for ways to strengthen our bond as a family and in keeping communication lines open.  I will let her enjoy things that she loves like singing, drawing, and writing (in her journal). I will let her develop her own identity. I will encourage her to enjoy her youth, free from too much pressures from barkada.  

Do you have any suggestion on how to handle defiance among teens? Share them in the comment section, please. Love you all, thank you! 

Happy 40th Birthday to ME!

I am having the most busiest birth month ever! Work-related tasks seems never-ending but I am enjoying every bit of them.  As a lead of a newly-created team, I now have bigger responsibilities. Fortunately, we have newly-hired colleagues to help us accomplish our assignments without much delays. That, alone is one of the reasons that I am happier now. The burn-out I experienced last year already vanished haha. 
Today, I am currently attending a three-day workshop at The Lake Hotel, Tagaytay City.  Though th hotel is under renovation, I am loving their amenities and services. 
That’s all for now… A million thanks to all for your greetings. mwuah! Life begins at 40! hahaha
I’m excited for our simple birthday celebration on Sunday (at home).
love yah! 

Happiness – My One Word for 2017

In my previous post, I already declared that my word for this year is HAPPINESS. 




the state of being happy:
synonyms: pleasure, contentment, satisfaction, cheerfulness, merriment, gaiety, joy, joyfulness, lightheartedness, well-being, enjoyment, exuberance, elation, jubilation, bliss, blissfulness

I decided to choose this word because despite of trying my best to live a simple, uncomplicated life in the past, I still experience deep sorrow (due to loss of a loved one) and frustrations.  Well, we cannot avoid those things that make us sad, right? However, the weight of sadness can be reduced by having a positive outlook in life. Being grateful in spite of adversities and challenges can also help us ease the burden we carry on our shoulders.  
In times of disappointments, we should try to find solace in the arms of our loved one (spouse, children, relatives). Let us avoid sulking and self-pity.  Personally, I am blessed with a loving and supportive husband who never fails to cheer me up when I am down and backs me up when negative people attack me.  Likewise, I have two amazing children. Thea and Yohan are sweet and thoughtful – their “I love you’s”, warm hugs and kisses lift my spirit up whenever I am sad, tired and frustrated. These three wonderful persons in my life continue to give me strength and inspiration. My mom and siblings also put smile on my face whenever we speak on the phone. Living miles away from each other is not a hindrance to give words of encouragement to each other. 
This year, I declare to be HAPPY always…Yes, there will be problems and challenges but I won’t allow myself and my household to dwell so much on them.  
If you have read my previous past, I mentioned there that my 2016 ended with a trace of sadness due to some issues on my present job.  I really really hope that those issues will be resolved soon so that I can finally move on and continue to be productive and at the same time happy in workplace. 
I will try my best to be a joyful daughter, happy wife, happy Mama, and a cheerful friend this 2017.
I will practice mindfulness. I will also start my bullet journal… More about it on my succeeding post/s. 
How about you, have you thought about your One Word for 2017? Don’t be shy to share, hit the comment section below this post. xoxo