PayMaya, A Virtual Visa Credit Card

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I just downloaded the PayMaya App on my Android phone, done registering and will load up in 7-11 later. I was looking for ways on how to link my PayPal account to a CC without the hassle of applying for one.  And then, I read about my fellow blogger raving about the services of PayMaya
I am excited to experience the perks and services of being a PayMaya card holder. 

PayPal Wishlist

Want to buy a new watch this holiday, or an LCD TV perhaps. This is a legit promo courtesy of Paypal. I created my own wishlist few day ago. As per contest mechanics, you can earn as much as $100 by creating a Paypal Wishlist. If you want to create own, just click the link below.

Dont’ forget to share this to your friends. The more you share, the more earn!