My ZALORA Wishlist

I’ve known the site, Zalora last month and discovered amazingly beautiful products being sold online. The items from women’s dresses and shoes as well as girls dress caught my attention. As I’ve mentioned over and overs in my blogs, I gained a lot  of weight after giving birth to my son last year which also means updating my wardrobe. Likewise, the pretty little lady in the house is growing quite fast and needs a wardrobe makeover, too! 
While reading Earth’s blog yesterday, I saw her latest post about the cute clogs she recently purchased from Zalora, and shared the items on her Wishlist, too. My Zalora Wishlist is an on-going contest by Nuffnang. And you know what, Nuffnang surprised us, members with the announcement of mid-contest winner. Her name is Kessa, my team mate during the previous contest I’ve joined and she blogged her wishlist here
With this exciting things happening, I completed my wishlist and here are the Top 5 items I want:
Item 1: Missy Sleeveless dress with floral chiffon yoke and hem detail

To tell you honestly, I had a hard time choosing a dress for my wishlist. Why? The ones I liked don’t have available sizes that would fit me. This dress is one the few pieces with XL size. 
Item 2: Robe di Kappa Polo short sleeves for men

My husband likes polo shirts. Majority of the colors in his collection are red, yellow, green and gray. So, this Robe di Kappa polo in medieval blue will be a new addition to his casual wear collection. 

Item 3: Periwinkle Bridget Party Dress 
My daughter will definitely stand out with this violet party dress from Periwinkle. This would be a late birthday present for her.

Item 4: W Blue Chiffon with Shirring

I love the classic look of this blouse. I will pair this with black or white pants and nude sandals or wedge 🙂 Just a perfect outfit for my 35th birthday on May 24. 🙂

Item 5: Peppermint Merchant boys shorts 
I am currently looking for a brown or khaki pants for my boy. This will perfectly pair with his new polo shirt. 🙂
I still more choices in mind which include shoes for me and my daughter. I’m reserving it to my next online shopping once I have enough funds LOL! 
For the meantime, I am keeping my fingers crossed to win this Nuffnang Philippines My ZALORA Wishlish Contest to grab all the items I mentioned above with no cost at all. 
Join Zalora now. Create your own wishlist and blog about it qualify to the contest. Good luck!