Why I Love Watching Korean Dramas and Movies + an Inspiring Quote from one of the shows I’m currently watching

 Wow! that was a long title, hehehe 

‘Twas year 2004 when I first hooked to Korean dramas and movies. Believe it or not, I love them way more than the locally-produced ones.  Ooopps, sorry. 

Full House (starring Song He-Kyo and Rain) was the very first drama I’ve watched.  I still remember those days that my former officemate and I swapped CDs containing all the episodes of our favorites shows. Thanks to the fast-evolving technology, we now have lots of options on where to watch/stream our favorite TV shows. 

I’ve seen a hundred (or more) titles ranging from romantic comedy, romance, medical, legal,  thriller and all other interesting genres. That made me realized that, perhaps, I should blog about my reviews and Kdrama recommendations for you, guys. Hmmm, watch out for it, soon. 

Fast forward to 2020 to 2021, pandemic period, when most of us are stucked at home, bored and worried – especially here, in my side of the globe, where the coronavirus pandemic is far from over.  We need to refrain from going out unless it is an essential business like reporting for work, or buying basic goods. Watching movies, dramas and documentaries is one of our favorite hobbies at home. 

Korean dramas are very interesting to watch, isn’t it? It is because they have interesting plots – creative story lines, love story match ups, and relatable experiences by the lead stars. There are shows that I even watch over and over again. 

I am currently watching Hometown Cha Cha Cha. It’s a new series on Netflix with only 3 out of  16 episodes available. It is a light-hearted, romantic comedy. The lead stars Kim Seon-ho and Shi Min-a have an amazing chemistry, too. They are now trending  on social media as “dimple couple”. 

    credits to decider.com for the background image. 

That’s one of my favorite lines from the show.  

I am also waiting for the last two episodes of Hospital Playlist Season 2. 

On Skills Upgrading and Future Goals

” It’s never too late to focus on your DREAMS!”

Updated my resume for the first time a couple of years. I used Canva as an editing tool and I was very happy with the result. 

With the current health and economic situation in the Philippines today, I am considering to upgrade my skills, that is why I prepared my updated resume. As I approach mid-40’s, I am confident enough that this plans I have in mind and with constant discussion with my family, will pull off. I just need to focus on my goals and put in extra amount of determination. 

I am thinking of going back to school because I love learning – I love learning new things. 

image from: pinterest.ph

Holding On, Moving Forward

quote not mine

We’re on the 3rd month of 2018 already. Things are not easy during these past few months because of some challenges in parenting, career and finances. But I firmly believe that these too shall pass.. I will continue to hold on with my faith in God for I know all of these are just temporary.

Stress is bad for our health… I can’t wait for weekend to come, I’m going to buy few new plants, de-clutter and re-organize at least one area in our humble abode. Wish me all the luck, please! =)

Note to Self – Parenting 101 Edition

I know, I know! It’s okay to have hits and misses in parenthood. But, sometimes it’s kind of confusing that suddenly you feel guilty and ask yourself, Am I a bad parent? Am I raising my child/children well? 
But…no matter what happens, I will never ever stop loving my children. I will assure them that I love them more than I love myself. I will not let anyone or anything interfere in the way I am raising my own children. They are my own, I take the responsibility of LOVING and TEACHING them to become kind-hearted and God-fearing individuals. 

Thanks to this quote I found in Pinterest. This serves as a friendly reminder to the mama in me 🙂

Good day everyone, warm hugs for all of yah!

Random Musings: Life as a Mom

While designing my bullet journal, I suddenly remembered that I have an unused bookmark from my 2013 Mommy Mundo 24/7 Planner. I pulled it out and inserted it in between the pages of my new planner. The bookmark has a quotation that reads:

Mom’s Life is made of days spent with pure joy, simple laughter, tests of wisdom, true faith and realized blessings.

I totally agree!
If you’ve been following my posts about parenting, you know that I am experiencing a challenging phase of motherhood coz I am parenting a soon-to-be teenager. Defiant behavior, episodes of lying, going out without asking permission, name it. We are experiencing that at home, this early. My daughter is only 11, going 12 in April.
My husband and I talked about her many times already. We asked ourselves what’s wrong, what have we done etcetera. This morning after talking to her because of another misdeed, my husband said calmly, “Don’t worry, Thea will also change her ways, her attitude”. I think it’s his way of comforting me. In times like these kasi, I can feel that my wisdom is being put to the test so as my love and patience.
Thea is friendly, loves music and arts and recently hooked to K-Pop group called BTS.  But her behavior now, I think, is greatly influenced by wrong choice of peers whom she think are her “friends”, and addiction to gadgets.  I am continuously looking for ways to strengthen our bond as a family and in keeping communication lines open.  I will let her enjoy things that she loves like singing, drawing, and writing (in her journal). I will let her develop her own identity. I will encourage her to enjoy her youth, free from too much pressures from barkada.  

Do you have any suggestion on how to handle defiance among teens? Share them in the comment section, please. Love you all, thank you!