I Got My Annual Dose of Flu Vaccine Today


I got my flu vaccine this morning. This is just one of our benefits as city government employees.  We are also given free flu and pneumonia shots last year. Aside from that, we have a monthly supply of vitamins and supplements to boost our immune system. I am already fully-vaccinated against COVID-19.These are really essential nowadays as we continue our battle against coronavirus. 
What are the benefits of getting a flu vaccine? Of course, it can prevent us from getting sick with flu. According to cdc.gov, flu vaccination has been shown in many studies to reduce severity of illness among people who are vaccinated but still get sick. Still, the vaccine helps us lower the risk of hospital admission due to flu. That’s the reason why I did not hesitate to avail of this, getting hospitalized is much difficult right now, because of the COVID-pandemic.
My husband also got his vaccine today. We will  schedule the same for the kids – will inquire with their pedia regarding this. 

Pico Sands Hotel in Nasugbu, Batangas

Pico Sands Hotel is located within Pico de Loro Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas.  This beach resort boosts of 154-room hotel offering large rooms equipped with modern amenities and amazing views of the lush mountains and a beautiful lagoon.  
I’ve been to this resort twice this year.  Although both are work-related travel, I also had the chance to relax and enjoy its tranquil beauty.  The views are picture-perfect, you’ll never fail to capture awesome photos.  I so love the beach and the lush greens around the property. 
early morning beach view  

lagoon view at sunset  

our hotel room’s veranda
 lovely hibiscus

On our way home, we stopped and took photos at the Kaybiang Tunnel in Maragondon, Cavite. 
Thanks God for this wonderful experience… I’m looking forward for more work-related and family travels in 2018.

Tea Tree Oil All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe

Tea tree has many uses and among those uses I’ve read online and on the package insert of Human Nature Tea Tree Oil, I tried the DIY All-Purpose Cleaner. It’s one of the easiest recipe, I guess.

I prepared the all-purpose cleaner few weeks ago but almost forgot to blog about it. So, here, I am sharing you the simple procedure.

Tea Tree Oil All-Purpose Cleaner

You’ll Need:

  • 2 cups distilled water
  • 3/4 cup white vinegar
  • 2 teaspoon pure tea tree oil
  • 1 spray bottle
  • Pour the ingredients into the clean spray bottle 
  • Shake vigorously 
Do not spray in or around eyes and near your pets. Keep out of reach of children. 
I am currently using this natural cleaner for kitchen sink, bathroom and floor tiles, and glass window. I am yet to prepare the other recipes included in the package insert of Human Nature Tea Tree Oil. Watch out for it 

Earth Hour 2016: Our Time to #ChangeClimateChange

This year’s Earth Hour will be on March 19, 2016 at 8:30 PM. Join the worldwide movement by switching off your lights to help #ChangeClimateChange
Earth Hour is a worldwide grassroots movement being spearheaded by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to unite people to take action for the planet.  It aims to engage a massive mainstream community on a broad range of environmental issues.  The first-ever Earth Hour lights-off event happened in Sydney, Australia in 2007.  Since then, it has grown to engage hundreds of millions of supporters, individuals and organizations alike, in more than 7,000 cities and towns in over 172 countries and territories around the world. The City Government of Makati (where I work) is a staunch advocate of this worldwide environmental campaign. 
As the world’s first open-source climate change campaign, Earth Hour has inspired millions worldwide to take action for our dear planet and help change climate change. 
As we all know, the historic COP 21 Paris Climate Summit in 2015 marked a milestone in the global efforts on climate change.  Coincidentally, 2016 is also the 10th year of the lights off event. 
Now, how can individuals and groups participate? Earth Hour.org has tons of suggestions for everyone. Turning off the lights is just the beginning! Holding picnics or dinners in the dark with loved ones and friends, chit-chatting outside the house, jogging or cycling  (if you are a bike enthusiast), and recycling activities are just some of the easy ways you can do to express your support for Earth Hour.  At home, we use it as a bonding time with the kids. We tell them stories, we sing together, goof around or munch on our favorite snacks. 
Inspired to take your support to the next level, head on to www.earthhour.org to support people-driven, innovative projects that provide solutions to change climate change.  Whether it’s saving the world’s most endangered cat in Portugal, fighting forest fires in Indonesia or lighting up villages in Philippines with renewable energy – change starts with you!
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My One Word for 2016 is Simplify

We’re already in the middle of January but it’s not too late to lay down our plans for the next 365 days of our lives.  How do you plan? Do you schedule sort of a meeting with your spouse, family? Or you prefer listing your plans / goals in a journal?

Personally, I’ve done both.  My husband and I talked about our plans for this year and set our priorities.  I also utilized the power of journal writing – in my small notebook where I jot down my daily activities as well as short-term and long term goals.

When a fellow mommy blogger Pehpot shared her one word for 2016, I was inspired to come up with my own “one word”

The word SIMPLIFY has a different meaning to every person. It could mean focusing more on the needs and less on wants and whims.  It could mean getting rid of clutter either at home or workplace.  For other person, it could mean staying away from negative persons and spending more time with the people he or she loves.  It could also mean simplifying our daily routine, dropping things or activities that cause stress and chaos.

This year, I will SIMPLIFY my life by…

evaluating my commitments.  I’d like to focus on the most important things to me and my family. The cue word here is to Prioritize!   

simplifying home and work tasks.  Finding the balance between a hands-on homemaker and a full-time career woman may be difficult. However, by focusing first on the most important task can make my life easier.  Not only that, there are a bunch of ways to lessen stress at home and at work such as automation (computers and software are useful tools), delegation (assign tasks to household helper and train the children to do household chores early on), eliminate (unnecessary things, like too much time on TV, Internet, etc.)

complaining less.  I will try my best to avoid complaining about price hike on basic necessities, nega-vibes people around, traffic, etc.  Instead, I will count my blessings every day and praise God for His overflowing grace and guidance.

learning to say no.  This is quite hard but doing this will help me live a simple, uncomplicated life.  Learn to say no to gimmicks, well,  hindi rin naman ako gimikera.  Learn to say no to persons who have tendencies to abuse my being kind-hearted.   Learn to say no to whims and wants of my playful kiddos, pero paminsan-minsan, i-grant din naman ang wishes nila.  Thus, finding the balance and setting priorities straight are the key phrases here.

getting rid of clutter.  I’ve been reading good reviews about the Konmari method of de-cluttering.  I’m implementing this slowly at home.  In fact, last Sunday, I started organizing our wardrobe cabinets. 

spending more time with my loved ones.  Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, celebrate life.  I want them simple yet meaningful.  One of the biggest event I am looking forward this year is my Mama’s 80th birthday. We will go home (to Bicol) for a family reunion.  My brother who is currently based in Dubai will go home, too. I want to spend more time with my Mama. I remember one quote which says “Love your parents. We are busy growing up that we tend to forget they’re growing old”  I wish her good health long life because kahit may edad na siya ang dami pa nyang pangarap, dami nya pang plano

That’s my one word for 2016. How about you? Head on to comment section and share  the best word that will inspire, motivate you this year. 

First Plane Ride Experience

…of a 30-something mom. I am not ashamed to admit to my colleagues, and to you, guys that I just experience my first ever plane ride last month. When our department head asked how’s our batch’s travel on the way to the venue of the seminar, I raised my hand. I told them that I got a little bit dizzy because it’s my first time. The group burst into laughter and even offered to give me a token for being a first-timer, lolz. 
I was lucky experience nature in the beautiful island of Palawan last September 30 – October 2. I was with the officials and co-employees in the agency for a strategic planning workshop to assist in the documentation of workshop proceedings, being part of the Secretariat Team. We stayed at the Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa. I’ll post some photos later.
It was a tiring yet rewarding experience. 
I want to go back to Puerto Princesa, not for work, but for leisure with my family. 

Home Office in a Closet = Cloffice

While browsing for home organizing tips at Real Living Philippine Website, I came across this interesting term ,”Cloffice”. It’s spare closet transformed into a fully functional home office. How cool is that? Here’s the photo which was : 
And this is the most interesting part, we have a poorly designed cabinet at home which can be repurposed as a study area or home office. 
That’s the cabinet I’m talking about. 
I’m so excited for this project. I will start saving for it and contact the dependable and creative Kuya to do the carpentry job for me. 

Public Speaking and Me

Research and report writing are my forte. Public speaking, on the other hand is my weakness. I don’t know why I fear facing the crowd regardless how big or small the audience is. I am not sure if it is because of the some not-so-good experiences during my college days. I got mocked a not one but two professors because of my regional accent. Since then, I accepted that I can excel in written communication but not in the areas of public speaking. 
Reality check…the scope of my job has evolved and I have to accept the fact that my supervisors will assign a task that requires to test my presentation skills. 
I attended a two-day workshop for the formulation of our city’s poverty reduction programs for the next 3 years. The organizers requested from our department to assist in the facilitation of the workshops. Thus, I have no choice but to deliver two presentations during the two-day activity. I’m grateful because my colleagues said that my talk went well. I just hope that the participants learned something from my presentations, hehehe… 

Makati City Council Capability Training at Montevista Villas

I’m here at Montevista Villa, Mimosa Leisure Estates, Clark, Pampanga. My two bosses and I are attending the Newly-Elected Officials Program for Makati City Councilors. Our Assistant Department Head is one of resource persons who will present the current status of the development of the city. This will be the first time that our department will sit down with the legislators of the city to discuss issues, concerns and programs that will contribute to the growth of my dear Makati City. 🙂

photo credits: Mimosa Montevista Photos