Miniature Plant Arrangements


Warning: Propagating succulents, cacti and other bonsai plants can be really addicting. 🙂

I made another indoor plant display. I just can’t find the name of this particular succulent. Is this a Kalanchoe or a Crassula? I’m confused! Fellow succulents and cacti enthusiasts, can you please help me identify this plant?… According to the owner of the shop where I bought the plant, she calls it Rice Cactus. 
We were talking about plants while having breakfast in the office earlier.  One of my officemates blurted out that she also want a miniature plant.  So, I gave her this “baby” which I planted last Friday. She really loved it! 
commonly called rice cactus,  belongs to sedum genus. 


(L) Crassula Ovata ‘Blue Hale’ Jade (R) Button cactus (according to the plant seller)

 I love my upcycled planter 

Happy Gardening!