Mathemagis’ Summer Program 2016

It has been mentioned here in my blog that my daughter is struggling in Math subject. She gets high grades in Science and English, but not in Mathematics. As an upcoming Grade 5 student, I would like to maximize the summer vacation for her to engage in Math enrichment classes. 
While browsing my feeds earlier I came across one blog post about Mathemagis Singapore Math summer program.  I know right then and there that this the most appropriate training for my daughter because I believe that the new K to 12 program in our country uses Singapore Math framework in the curriculum.
Based on the poster below, the Mathemagis Center nearest to our place of residence is the one located in SM Pasig.  I am willing to enrolling Thea in their summer program.  
Based on their website:

Mathemagis is an after school Math enrichment program for kids 4 to 12 year old based on the internationally acclaimed and proven mathematics curriculum of Singapore.  The program focuses on developing problem-solving skills through conceptual understanding of math principles, visualization using bar models as a well-articulated sequence of topics for preschool up to the primary grades. 

For more information visit their website

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GT #3: Physical Education (PE) – My Most Hated Subject

I can sing but I am not a sports buff, I can’t dance, too. That is the main reason why I never loved Physical Education subjects when I was still a student. In college, I dropped once and nearly failed from 2 of my PE subjects. I only enjoyed a class once, I think it was about Individual and Team Sports. I learned how to play Darts and even won in the tournament. That was only the time I got a good grade in PE. 
I’ve read few Girltalkers who hate Math. Hey girls, I have something for you, you might want to read this blog   or share it to your kids or siblings. The blog called Sipnayan o Matematika is owned and maintained by my good friend/colleague/ (MRT) commuter buddy during our graduate school days in UP. He is a Math teacher by profession who’s willing to share cool tips and tricks in Math using our native language – Tagalog 🙂 
This is my 3rd entry for: