Free Korean Language and Culture Classes for Filipinos

If there’s one foreign language I want to study, it is definitely Hangeul, the official language of South Korea. Recently, one of my blogger friends tagged me along to an online Korean class. I instantly said yes and proceed with the registration.

It is true that many Filipinos want to learn Hangeul. It’s because of our fascination with K-pop and K-drama. Some also study for employment. Passing the Test of Proficiency in Korean or TOPIK is one of the requirements before getting a job in South Korea.

Korean language classes are typically done in English. But during the pandemic Mr. Joshua Cho and his team decided to do it in Tagalog to make Korean classes easy and fun for Filipinos. He is a native Korean but Pinoy at heart. He started Korean Classes With Joshua Cho in September 2020. Since then, his team helped a lot of Filipinos learn Korean – for free.

I am currently enrolled in KCWJC Batch 7. It’s a three-month full course, by the way. And tomorrow will be our beginners’ class graduation day. Before writing this post, I was immersed  in reviewing my notes and watching replays of  our previous lessons. I’m still having a hard time reading and writing the basics, but I am proud to say, that I can now write my name in Hangeul. I can introduce myself in Korean, too. I am excited for the upcoming advanced classes. I hope to learn more…

If you are interested joining their free classes, look for their page on Facebook and explore ways to join. You may not able to join this batch but I’m pretty sure there will be another after this.