What Went Wrong: Facebook Global Glitch


Slow Internet connection. That’s what I’ve thought about the issues in using FB messenger yesterday. I was chatting with a friend in afternoon when it suddenly acted weird. I can’t scroll down to see the latest messages she sent. Then later in the evening Facebook feed won’t load properly. 

It was only this morning when I learned about the global outage that hit Facebook along with other messaging / social networking Apps like WhatsApp, and Instagram. What happened? It was reported that at around 11:45 am Eastern Time on Monday, October 4, users around the world reported the glitches in accessing Facebook apps including Instagram, WhatApp, Messengers, and Facebook itself on the outage-tracking websited called Downdetector

The said Apps are back online at 6am PHT today. It was a quite long ordeal especially for those who are active social media users. Thankfully, the geeks behind the troubleshooting fixed the bugs already. 

Source: businessinsider.com