INC Sets a New Record as the World’s Largest Charity Walk in a Single Venue

Hours of waiting to reach the start and as well a the finish line paid off. We went to the CCP Complex at 4:30 am today to participate in one of the biggest event in Iglesia Ni Cristo history – the WorldWideWalk for those affected by Typhoon Yolanda. 
Upon waking up from a short nap, I was greeted with a good news on INCTV. When I opened the TV, Ms. Kirstie Bennett, official adjudicator of Guinness Book of World Records is about to announce the official results of the charity walk. I literary jumped and shouted for joy as she announce that the total number of participants reached 175,000, thus breaking the previous 77,500 record set by Singapore in May 2000. 
Iglesia Ni Cristo WorldWideWalk conducted in Quirino Grandstand is now the Officially Amazing Largest Charity Walk in Single Venue. 
We are waiting for the announcement of another record tomorrow, as the WorldWideWalk commences in Hawaii – the record for the Largest Worldwide Charity Walk in 24-hours Multiple Venues. 

Iglesia Ni Cristo now holds the title for the Largest Worldwide Charity Walk in 24 hours, Multiple Venues. The #INCWorldWideWalk happened in 29 countries, 13 timezones, and 135 sites in 24 hours recorded a total of 519,521 participants. The previous record was set by Canada with 231,635 participants who walked at least 1 kilometer in more than a thousand locations around Canada on October 2, 2007.

Proceeds of this worldwide charity walk will be donated to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda to help them rebuild their homes and continue living a decent and peaceful life after the most devastating typhoon ever recorded in the Philippine history. Likewise, the INC Worldwide Walk is another activity related to the Church’s centennial celebration on July 27 this year.  
To date, Iglesia Ni Cristo holds a total of five Guinness records. The first three was set during the Lingap sa Mamamayan (Aid to Humanity) conducted in Tondo, Manila last July 7, 2012. It includes the largest dental health check, the most blood pressure readings taken in 8 hours, and the most blood glucose level tests in 8 hours.

Congratulations Iglesia Ni Cristo! Congratulations Philippines! 

Traffic Advisory for #INCWorldWideWalk

The City Government of Manila announced that heavy traffic is expected on Saturday, February 15, 2014 in relation of the Iglesia Cristo’s World Wide Walk for Typhoon Yolanda Victims. The event will start at 4:00 am. up to 6:00 pm.

Here is the traffic advisory issued by the Manila District Traffic Enforcement Unit:

Road closures in Manila are as follows:

  • Southbound lane of Anadalucia from Fugoso to Quezon Boulevard
  • Southbound lane of España from Lacson to Lerma
  • Westbound lane of Lerma fro España to Quezon Boulevard
  • Stretch of Jones and McArthur bridges
  • Northbound lane of Road 10 from Moriones to Delpan Bridge
  • North and Southbound lane of Bonifacio Drive from Delpan Bridge to Katigbak Drive
  • North and Southbound lane of Roxas Boulevard from Katigbak Drive to P. Ocampo
  • East and Westbound lane of P. Burgos from Ma. Orosa to Roxas Boulevard
  • East and Westbound lane of TM Kalaw from MH del Pilar to Roxas Boulevard
  • Westbound lane of Finance Road from Taft Ave to P. Burgos
  • Westbound lane of Pres. Quirino from Adriatico to Mabini and MH del Pilar to Roxas Boulevard
  • Northbound lane of Ma. Orosoa from TM Kalaw to P. Burgos

         Re-routes are as follows:

Vehicles coming from España bound for Quiapo should turn right to A.H. Lacson, left to Dapitan, left Andalucia right to Fugoso, left to Rizal avenue, or left to AH Lacson straight to Nagtahan to point of destination.

Vehicles going to Quiapo area via Andalucia sould turn right to Fugoso, left to Rizal avenue to point of destination.

Vehicles coming from Binondo area intending to use southbound lane of Jones bridge shall turn left under the Jones bridge going to Escolta passing through Plaza Sta. Cruz turn right, then turn left going to Palanca St., right to Ayala bridge, turn left or right to Taft avenue to point of destination.

Vehicles coming from Plaza Sta. Cruz intending to utilize the southbound lane of McArthur bridge should turn left going to Palanca St., right to Ayala bridge to point of destination.

Vehicles coming from northern part of Manila intending to use the stretch of Delpan bridge, Roxas boulevard southbound lane should turn left to Capulong, or, either Herbosa or Moriones to point of destination.

Vehicles coming from southern part of Manila intending to utilize the stretch of Roxas boulevard northbound lane should turn right to Buendia, left to Taft avenue to point of destination.

Vehicles coming from Ayala boulevard utilizing P. Burgos going to Roxas boulevard southbound should turn left to Taft avenue, right to TM Kalaw, left to MH del Pilar, left to Quirino, right to Mabini to FB Harrison or, use Taft avenue to point of destination.

Vehicles coming from Taft avenue or Quirino intending to use the stretch of Roxas boulevard southbound shall turn left to Adriatico, right to P. Ocampo, left to FB Harrison to point of destination.
One lane going in and one lane going out would be used along the stretch of Indepence road and South Drive coming from Roxas boulevard service road for those who would go in and out of Manila Hotel and H2O Hotel.


Iglesia Ni Cristo Worldwide Walk for Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) Victims

Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) and Felix Y. Manalo Foundation will stage a simultaneous charity walk on February 15, 2014 in key cities in the Philippines and around the world. Prior to the event, participants, including Iglesia Ni Cristo members and even non-member paid a registration fee of Php250 per person (in the Philippines) and $30 (for participants abroad). All participant will receive a limited edition WWW for Yolanda t-shirts. Proceeds will be donated to those affected by Typhoon Yolanda which struck the country on October 2013 through relief operations, medical missions, and building/reconstruction of damage houses. 
In Metro Manila, the event will be conducted in Luneta Park with three staging sites such as:
  1. C.M. Recto Avenue (in front of Issetan Department Store)
  2. Delpan St.
  3. Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Grounds 
My niece and I, together with my in-laws and churchmates in our locale will participate in this big event. My sister and her daughter in Sorsogon will be joining, too. I am sure this will be the biggest walk for the cause to be recorded in  the world history. It will be a trending topic in the world wide web/ social media, too. 

To all  #Worldwidewalk participants, see there!