Our Work at Home and Study Nook

How are you, guys? 
We are not yet done with the battle against COVID-19. Metro Manila is still on General Community Quarantine (GCQ). I am hoping that you are all safe and healthy. 
Now that businesses and offices gradually open, the government office I am working for is implementing a combination of skeleton/skeletal workforce and work from home arrangements.  Meaning, total manpower per office or department are split into two teams that alternately report to the office every two weeks. Thus, the need to a comfortable space whenever we are working from home.  
After searching for an affordable yet reliable computer desk, we found a one that suits our needs.  Actually this is not our orginal choice. The one that we’re planning to buy was already sold out when we went to the furniture center.  They are not yet sure when the new stocks will become available due to issues on delivery from the supplier. We are still happy with this one that we got from an online shop because it fit perfecty in  our teen-tiny living room. This will also service as the kids’ study area once their online schooling started, sometime in August.  We also purchased an extra foldable desk with chair so that Yohan and Thea can simultaneously do on their schoolworks comfortably. 
We also improved the said room, by installing wallpaper to hide scratches and eyesores in the walls.
Ta-da…presenting, our work slash study area.

more updated look added a clock we bought from Lazada and a pot of aloe vera plant. 

3 Quick Ways To Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Looking to add curb appeal to your home, but don’t have the time to make big exterior repairs? Here are three great tips that will help you quickly add curb appeal to your home.

1. Fix Your Windows

Broken windows can really drag down the appearance of your home’s exterior. If you have any damaged windows that can be seen from the street, these should be repaired right away. Repairing broken glass is a job that’s best left to the professionals. Expert window repair West Palm Beach FL will replace damaged windowpanes, as well as compromised window frames or areas of old, cracking putty. Making these fixes will instantly make your home look more impressive.

2. Refresh Your Lawn

Don’t underestimate how much lush, green grass contributes to the overall curb appeal of a home. Luckily, it doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to get your grass looking its best. You likely mow your lawn regularly, but take the extra step to trim your edges to give the lawn a neat and tidy appearance. Use a half-moon edger to cut clean edges where turf meets any areas of hardscape. If you have any edges with damage, cut out the turf around the area and turn the damaged area in toward the rest of the yard, which will promote growth in the spot of damage.

3. Wash Exterior Walls

You may think that every time it rains, the exterior walls of your home get a wash. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Algae and other deposits can easily form on a wall, in spite of how much it receives a soak from the rain. Use a power washer to thoroughly clean these areas, and be sure to use the appropriate setting for the surface material of your walls.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Make these quick repairs and you’ll let your home truly shine!

Three Helpful Home Automation Innovations

Home automation used to be a luxury reserved for the very wealthy. Now, thanks to wireless internet and Bluetooth connectivity, if you can operate a smartphone, you can have a smart home! Here are some of the most common and helpful features that are easy to set up and use without breaking the bank.

 Keyless Locks

Keeping your home secure is always an important priority. But you may be tired of lugging your keys around or misplacing them and having to call an emergency locksmith. Keyless entry for your home is more affordable and safer than ever, and it’s available in many forms. Analog or digital keypads get the job done, and in some setups, you can use a phone app or even your thumbprint to access your house.

 Smart Thermostats 

Home automation can “learn” many of your habits and program automated functions based on them. Smart thermostats are possibly the best example of this. You can begin by programming them to increase or decrease your home’s temperature at certain times a day. What sets a smart thermostat apart from one that’s just programmable is that they can sense when people enter and leave rooms or parts of the house and make those adjustments automatically.

Multi-Room Speaker Systems 

For music or talk-radio lovers, the idea to go about your business and move through different parts of your home while having the sound “follow” has long been a dream. Now, with multi-room speaker systems like Sonos, it’s a reality! After initially installing an array of discreet speakers in various rooms, you can run the system from a central remote, or your smartphone. If you don’t want the speakers installed, the system can be set up with wireless Bluetooth speakers set up in key positions; otherwise the concept is the same.


The futuristic world of home automation is here, and it’s surprisingly affordable!

Home Improvement Project 2019

The kids are growing and we need a bigger space, plus they need to trained be on being independent and responsible. To achieve that, we need to renovate and remodel our humble abode. This project has been in my little family’s list of goals for the past couple of years.  We are truly grateful because this year,  we are able to tick off this item in our long list of short, medium and long terms plans.  
We decided to ask the help of my older brother (and my nephew as his assistant) in improving the  vacant/unfinished portion of our house and turn it into an additional bedroom.  

our temporary bed is a Uratex sofa bed). 
We are planning to have a customized platform bed later on. 

built-in wardrobe closet (which is still empty until now,
 the Mama in me need to buy plenty of time to organize our stuff he he)
Right now, my husband and I occupy this room while Thea and Yohan sleep our former master’s bedroom. Sometimes, when Yohan makes lambing, he sleeps in our room.  Later on, he will be transferring to another room which we formerly occupied. 
Outside our room is our small laundry area, which is intentionally not to show your the pictures yet because it’s still a mess hahaha. I’ll have a separate blog post for that! 
Our next project will involve kitchen, toilet/bath, Thea’s room, and entryways. For now, I will continuously encourage my troop to organize things around the house.   

Three Ways to Save Your House

In a world where fashion is disposable and furniture comes prepackaged, you may find yourself losing respect for your house and the things inside it. Here are a few products and tricks that can remind you to show basic respect for your home and increase its value over time by keeping it in good repair.

Save Your Floors

Particularly if you have hardwood or tile floors, you need to be aware that they need care if they’re going to stay looking as nice as the day they were installed. Get chair leg glides to protect your floors and put carpets under your tables to stop the buildup of scratches on the floors you look at every day. You don’t have to spend all day on your hands and knees waxing and buffing to keep your floors looking beautiful. 


Coasters aren’t just for drinks and they never were. Put felt bottoms on your lamps and trays under your houseplants to protect your furnishings from scratches and white rings. A momentary lapse can lead to damage that’s difficult to repair. Don’t let a lack of coasters ruin your favorite pieces of furniture. 

Good Habits

Coasters won’t save your tabletops if you put your hot tea down next to them, and chair glides mean nothing if you’re leaning back on two legs without a thought for the damage you can do. There are plenty of modern habits that would make our grandparents confused, and some that would make them amazed, but there are also plenty that would make them say: “Were you raised in a barn?” These little habits are about taking care with furniture, putting forethought into your actions, and they didn’t become signs of politeness for no good reason. They can save your home from expensive damage and embarrassing neglect. 

Potentially Dangerous Situations Where You Definitely Need an Electrician

Many electrical situations become so dangerous that you need the help of an electrician to keep serious problems from occurring. Here are a few examples of how to tell when you’ve encountered one of those situations.

Parts of the System Are Heating Up

If the outlets, switches or other parts of your system are starting to get warm or even hot, regardless of how much energy is being used, this is a bad sign. It often means that the system is overloaded. The reason why this is dangerous is that the outlets could start shocking people. You don’t want to leave it like this. You need a residential electrician richardson to come to fix it with wiring changes.

Not Enough Outlets

In cases where you notice that you have a huge amount of extension cords that are clogging up outlets, this could also lead to a dangerous situation. Thousands of fires start every year because of people not using cords properly.  Fortunately, an electrician can just install some new outlets for you and completely solve the problem. Plus, you will be able to walk around your house without the fear of tripping over a cord and breaking things as a bonus.

Shutdowns or Light Flickers

You’ll know that there are serious issues if the lights in your system are dimming or flickering any time two large appliances are used at the same time. An electrician can help you figure out what’s causing this problem and offer you solutions. If the situation is bad enough, it could even lead to tripping the circuit breaker constantly or blowing fuses. This could also lead to the whole system failing and shutting down everything. 
If you have sockets that are getting too hot, not enough outlets or constant shutdowns and light flickers, these are clear indicators that you need an electrician. A professional can rewire or otherwise upgrade your system for you to prevent these dangerous situations.

5 Kitchen Remodeling Project Ideas

As one of the main features of a home, your kitchen creates a lasting subconscious impression among houseguests. That is why it is important to maintain its look through occasional kitchen remodeling projects.


The centerpiece of any kitchen, countertops are where guests socialize and sometimes eat, making them a crucial element to the look of any kitchen. Common options include granite, marble and ceramic tile. Contractors specializing in kitchen countertops Milwaukee area can go over the best options that fit an ideal look and budget.


With common variants including hardwoods, tile and even bamboo, flooring ties the style of any room together. With kitchens, special considerations need to be given, considering how people are prone to spilling food and drinks.

Appliance Upgrades

Kitchens are filled with appliances that serve myriad purposes, including preserving and cooking food and washing and cleaning dinnerware. As these appliances age, they become less effective at doing these services and require more maintenance than in the past. Upgrading refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, sinks, dishwashers and other kitchen appliances results in the dual benefits of both increased aesthetics and restored energy efficiency.


Renovating chipped wallpaper or a fading paint job with a bold new look can easily elevate the visual look of a kitchen. If you opt with a new paint look, adding texture to a wall can take things to the next level.

New Furniture

Simply replacing old dining tables and chairs with newer ones can breathe new life into an otherwise untouched kitchen, so for those looking for a remodeled look on a tight budget, this may be the best route to take. Be considerate of price and durability when looking for kitchen furniture.
Finding new ideas for a kitchen can seem expensive and time consuming. However, if implemented correctly, a revamped kitchen can make your home the talk of the town.

Decorating Your Home With a Personal Touch

Family photos and knickknacks can easily look old and dated. But with a little creativity and intention, these items can give any space a unique look that’s both stylish and special to you and your family. Here are three ways to transform your treasures into classy decor items that are one of a kind.

Have Your Photos Professionally Printed and Framed

Your favorite family photo may not look like much as a 4×6 print in a plastic frame. But professional, high-quality prints in custom frames naperville il can create a stunning focal point on the walls of your family room. Consider having your favorite images printed in dramatically large sizes with unique frames to create artwork that’s completely exclusive to your home. A black and white version is always timeless and looks great with every color palette.

Turn Family Heirlooms Into Focal Points

Vintage finds are always a great choice, so search through the special pieces you’ve inherited from previous generations and give them a place of prominence in your home. Set up a special shelf to house these items and partner them with modern accents. Add a small green plant to complete the look and try to vary heights and shapes to keep things interesting.

Fill Your Home With Handmade Treasures

It’s so easy to make your own version of an accent piece that you love. Doing it yourself allows you to choose the size, color and style to fit your own personal tastes. If you’re new to crafting, start simple with items like coasters and small signs. Look for online tutorials to create your own canvas artwork even if you don’t have a steady hand with brushes and paints. A comfy blanket can make any room cozy and inviting and is extra special because it’s hand made.
Home decor trends may come and go, but a home that’s filled with meaningful memories never goes out of style.

2 Products Added in my Home Improvement Wishlist

As I’ve said, I want my year to be calm and peaceful. Part of it is de-cluttering and improving our humble abode. How can we be calm if the house is in chaos, right?
Last month, we’re supposed to hire a contractor to make a queen-sized platform bed frame for the master’s bedroom. But, we put it on hold due to time and financial constraints.  What did you expect, t’was the holiday season. We got busy at home , we got busy at work, too. 
Now, we are considering multi-purpose and cost-efficient furniture like sofa bed, storage bench and the like. 
I added these two products in my “to buy checklist.” Both are Uratex products, by the way.  While browsing the company’s website, I instantly fell in love with this sofa bed. It is a real space-saver multi-functional product. 

Uratex Strata Sofa bed – a double sized bed with 7.25 in. mattress is priced at Php 8,989.75)
The other one is a monoblock chair from Uratex Lifestyle Collection. Perfect for our study area which we are planning to set up in a vacant space under the stairs leading to the 3rd floor of our small apartment-type home. 
We’ll start saving for these and hopefully purchase it before summer. We’ll show you the actual photo of them once arranged in their designated areas in our home. 
Happy weekend, guys!

***this is not a sponsored post***

Some Design Inspirations for Home Renovating Project

We are currently reorganizing our humble abode in time for the welcoming of New Year. We’re taking it slowly, trying the most cost-effective way we can.  My husband and I are both eyeing for a minimalist, less-cluttered lair. This means minimizing every space for built-in and/or hanging shelves, organized wardrobe and a proper place for everything.  Plus, he’s requesting for a space wherein he can play Darts indoor.  
For the living room, here’s my peg for home entertainment nook. Notice the floating shelves on the right. Lovely and organized, isn’t it?
For the master bedroom, our peg is a customized platform bed similar to this:
That’s all for now. More design ideas soon…. 
***photos are not mine