Bullet Journal + Calligraphy

I finally joined the bullet journal or (bujo for short)  craze.  Though it is a work in progress; there’s so tips and tricks out there to learn, I am enjoying it.
Here’s my first-ever bujo. plain and kinda boring since  I don’t have pretty  and colorful pens and washi tapes yet, for decoration purpose hehe.
Calligraphy is another new-found hobby of mine. This is my first attempt to fax calligraphy using scratch paper and a sign pen. I am watching tutorial videos to know more about calligraphy techniques. I think there is no need to enroll for calligraphy classes. Wish me luck! 
Thea tried it too…We will learn this art together. It’s a perfect mom-daughter bonding, isn’t it? 

Succulents in Sansevieria Genus

I’ve learned that succulents in sansevieria  are “hard-to-kill” plants and have air purifying properties. This answer my question about appropriate plants that thrive indoor, with low light conditions. With that new discovery, I will be collecting more sansevieria.  I have 3 types at present, a Sansevieria  Trifasciata popularly known as snake plant or mother-in-laws tongue and bird’s nest, Sanseviera Cylindrica,  and a Sansevieria Hahnii or bird’s nest.  
I really enjoy researching  the name of every plant I bought.  By the way, here are my new “babies” enjoying Mr. Sun. I brought them outside a while ago.  

Here’s a short trivia for you, guys:

Sansevieria (pronounced as san-se-vi-ee-ri-ah) belongs to the Lily Family which leads the list as being the most tolerant decorative plants.  The genus was named after the Prince Sanseviero who was born in Naples in 1710. (source: http://plantcaretoday.com)

Happy Gardening!