Congratulations, Thea!!!

My daughter Yasmin Althea has successful completed the first step of the education ladder, that is, preschool or pre-elementary. With a span of three years, from Nursery to Preparatory, three different schools had help me mold my little girls both intellectually and emotionally. At age 5, Thea aces in reading and comprehensive though I have to guide her more on writing. She is a budding artist and starting to show qualities of a leader, too. 
Their Graduation Rites was held last Friday, March 23 at the Maranatha Christian Academy Auditorium, Mandaluyong City. She bagged Best in English award. Congratulations, my dear Thea!!! 
she was one of the leaders in their song number. 

One Step Ahead: Thea’s Graduation Day

We’re proud to present the graduate! Yasmin Althea Sotto Zaballa, for completing Kindergarten Level of pre-elementary education. Another year of learning and fun has ended. Thea is getting closer to the big school, yay! The past year was filled with challenges and funny comments from her teachers. Though she’s not an honor student, she is quite popular in her school for she’s a wacky and smart friend to her classmates, schoolmates, teacher, and even parents. Thea is their entertainer, if there’s nothing much to do, teacher Julie and teacher Liezl will ask her to sing in front of the class. They are amused by her nonstop stories from her favorite cartoons. I’m pretty sure they will miss each other’s company, hahaha. 
Thea will transfer to a new and bigger school next school year. She’ll be in Preparatory and if we’ll be satisfied with that school, she will be studying there until Grade 6 🙂
Some photos during the Graduation Ceremony yesterday.