On Preschool, Pregnancy and Continuing Education

Thea is already enrolled in Kindergarten class in the preschool near our place. I already settled the payment for her books this morning. I’m so happy when the teacher who assisted me said that Thea will be admitted in Kinder. I feel like she a big girl now haha…Next in my to-do list is to purchase uniforms but we’ll go there as soon as Thea arrive from her vacation. 
On the other hand, I might file a leave of absence (LOA) from graduate school. It will be quite difficult for me to travel from Makati to Diliman via public transport in this stage of my second pregnancy. I will try my best to go back next school year. 

UP-Diliman Technology Management Center Now Accepting Application for the Master of Technology Management Program

I learned about Master Technology Management  two years ago during my aggressive search for other graduate program aside from MBA or MPA. By the end of this semester, I already earned 24 units out of the 36 units required to complete the program though I’m still keeping my fingers crossed to finish all the requirements of the two courses I’m taking now. 🙂 
Technology Management Center, University of the Philippines-Diliman is now accepting applications for the academic year 2010-2011 Graduate Program: Master of Technology Management (MTM). Technology Management is a new and dynamic field of discipline which appropriately addresses the growing need of both industry and government in order to meet the challenges brought about by the rapid technological advances in the 21st century. 
MTM is  the first interdisciplinary program of its kind to be offered in the Philippines, using the relevant synergy business administration, economics, engineering, and natural, social & political sciences. The program is designed for working individuals and/or entrepreneurs because classes are held in the evening on weekdays and on Saturdays. This program is suitable for managers, executives, administrators and other decision-makers in technology-based or oriented organizations. 
Graduates courses offered include the following:
  • Management of R&D
  • Technology Acquisition and Assimilation
  • Technology-Based Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Technology Planning 
  • Total Quality Management
  • Technology and Competitive Strategy 
  • Science and Technology (S&T) Policy
  • Management of High-Tech Programs and Projects
For inquiries and application visit: UP Technology Management Center, Advanced Science & Technology Institute (ASTI) Bldg., C.P. Garcia Avenue, U.P. Diliman, Quezon City. Telephone: 426-2767/426-2765. Email: tmc@up.edu.ph. Website: http://www.tmc.upd.edu.ph

Quality Time With My Family

My husband arrived last Sunday after working for almost two years in the Middle East. It was in March 2009 when he finally decided to apply for agian an overseas job. By the way, he’s been working in that side of globe even before we met. If you happen to be my officemate or neighbor, probably you’ve seen how excited am I and our little princess, too.
There are lots of funny and memorable moments before, during and after husband’s arrival. A few days before the much-awaited day, Thea asked my sister if his Papa is still handsome haha (it goes like this: Tita, ano na kaya itsura ng Papa ko, gwapo pa kaya sya?). She also told me several times that Papa will buy her lots of toys and a Wow Magic sing microphone. Why Magic Sing – simply because she loves to sing and dreams to be like Connie Talbot or Taylor Swift someday. Connie Talbot is a 6 or 7 year old girl who is known as Britain’s Got Talent Youngest Superstar. Taylor Swift is a country singer who won several awards in Grammy’s.
We fetched at the airport last Sunday afternoon. As requested, I cooked spaghetti and prepared his favorite salad and had a little celebration at home. I took a day off at work last Monday and we spent quality time together the whole day. We went to the mall and got a brand new LCD TV and some toys for Thea. I truly missed our bonding moments.
Now, I am trying to finish all important duties at work so I could take another day off on Friday. We’ll be going to a 3-day vacation in the City of Pines this coming weekend. We’re tagging along my mom-in-law and sister-in-law. I hope this would be a happy and memorable vacation…
I’m signing off for now. I still have to finish my presentation for tomorrow’s class. Bye-bye!

On Stress and Anxieties

There are lots of things that lead me to a stressful week. First, I got a low grade in one of my subjects. Yeah I know! It’s not the grade, but the knowledge gained which we could apply not only in our tasks at work but in everyday life. My failure to submit some requirements might be one of the reasons behind it. Nevertheless, it’s still within the passing mark and the fact that I’m getting closer to earning a master’s degree lessens my “frustrations”.

Secondly, I am faced with a family problem that needs urgent action. Urgent means now, urgent means tonight! Wish me luck friends. Lord, please grant me the courage to face this predicament. Thanks to my husband for being always at my side, teaching and guiding me the best thing to do in these difficult times.

The delayed house renovation also adds stress. I am hoping that it’ll be completed within this week so that the little lady and I can transfer to the new and wider bedroom. I might go back to Divisoria this coming weekend to shop for some home items such as bed sheets, laundry paraphelia, etc.

Oh by the way, a fellow blogger invited me in the Nestle` Fitnesse 14-day Diet Challenge as a member of her team. The weigh-in is scheduled on November 14. I hope that participating in the challenge will ease my worries and at the same time lose some weight 🙂

Bye for now, working mom needs to go and report for her night shift duties @home.

A Busy Weekend!

Last Saturday was a hectic day for me… I woke up at 4am, checked my email just to get the final copy of the PowerPoint and write-up for our presentation. After reading them and a little rehearsal, my sister and I prepared breakfast and had our kids ready for the wedding.

At 7:15am, I started traveling to UP-Diliman because our group agreed to meet at 8am. I arrived there at 8:30. After an hour of discussion and instruction from our professor, our group presented our case analysis. I left the class at 11:30am and I started a long journey to Angono, Rizal.

I’m quite sad ‘coz I wasn’t able to witness my brother-in-law’s Silver Wedding ceremonies, and of course, failed to watch my baby girl walk down the aisle as flower girl. Mama and Papa were absent during her shining moments as she wowed the crowd at the reception. She sung her own version of “You Changed My Life”, danced “Nobody”, and greeted her Tito Jojo and Tita Joy on our behalf.

I can’t wait to watch the video and post her photos here on my blog…

Updating My Blog

It has been few months since I wrote a “real” post here in my blog. As you can see, most of them are just my daughter’s photos with few captions. I’ve been busy with lots of things during these past couple of months. So what’s keeping me busy as a bee?

My little one started school already. Though she’s only in Nursery class, still there are things fixed prior to school opening last June – uniforms, bag, school supplies, among others. I’m also one my second year in graduate school which means more responsibilities and requirements to comply with. I’m a hands-on mom has also a regular day job that equally demands most of my time. On top of that, I remain active in fulfilling my duties as choir member in our church.

On a lighter note, I am also busy with updating my Plurk and Facebook (lol). Well, to those who are not really familiar, they’re just two of the most in demand social networking sites today.

These are all the reasons why I had lessened my blogging addiction for a while…

And now that I’m back, I promise to be more active in blogosphere again. (Any sweet note to welcome me back, haha)

Flower Girl

One month from now, my Hubby’s niece will be walking down the aisle as she get married to the love of her life. The wedding ceremonies as well as the reception will take place in Cabanatuan City on June 12.

And what does the title of this post implies? Yeah, you’re right! My daughter Thea is part of the entourage – as one of the flower girls. I already texted her measurement for the gown to my SIL. We all wish that she would not get cranky, sleepy or whateever during the wedding. Well, I don’t think so. She’s so excited on being a flower girl for the very first time teehee. In fact, she’s practicing how to walk almost everyday since the day we told her that she’s part of the entourage.

I will be celebrating my birthday on the 24th of this month. I’ll just prepare something for the folks at home and might take Thea to the mall, and that’s it… another year older…I wish for good health for my family and loved ones, and hope to survive the graduate school challenges all the way to earning Master in Technology Management (MTM) degree 😀

A Glimpse of Week 04 (Jan19-25)

Last week was one of my busiest since I entered graduate school last June 2008. Our team finished the first deliverable for our technology marketing and commercialization class. We prepared the paper and presentation material simultaneously in more than 1 week. We did an industry analysis on the semiconductor and electronics industry in the Philippines. The industry we’ve chosen is in perfect timing because aside from garments, semicon and electronics will experience greater impacts of the worsening global economy. In fact, Intel announced that their chip manufacturing plant in the country will shut down this year. Texas Instruments in Bagiuo City, on the other hand, trimmed down its employees. We presented our findings last Jan23rd and submitted the paper last Friday. Right now, we’re preparing for the second paper, a management case of a local semicon company. Good luck to the upcoming brainstorming sessions.

By the way, the UP Technology Management Center (TMC) is presently accepting applications to its Master of Technology Management (MTM) program for the coming schoolyear (2009-2010). The deadline for submitting all application requirements is on March 5, 2009. The entrance examination will be held on March 8, 2009. Visit http://www.tmc.upd.edu.ph/ for more information.


I regret that I did not make it on a coffee date with fellow bloggers last weekend. I hope I could join them next time…


Home improvement underway… The construction works have also caused additional pressure. I am just looking forward it’ll be completed by end of this month, if Mr. Wallet will still allow us hehe.

So much for ranting here… Bye-bye, have a fruitful week to you all…

Rain, Rain Go Away

At last, the rain stopped…

After attending a 3-hour meeting this morning, I decided to go to the nearest Western Union branch to claim Hubby’s remittance. heavy rains poured while our meeting was still on-going. However, I don’t have any idea that the street fronting our building is flooded already. I have no choice but to cross the street, good thing I used my old pair of shoes. The teller even wondered how I managed to traverse the flooded lane. I just said I really have to transact with them during lunch break because I have a class later.

When I went up to the office, I washed my feet to get rid of germs/bacteria that may cause illness such lyptospirosis. Then, I ate lunch which I bought at the Tiangge sa City Hall.

While discussing our group case study with my classmate thru YM, I told her that I may not attend the class due to the bad weather. Few hours later, I received an SMS from TMC staff saying “No class today, Wed. TM 241 due to heavy rains” . Yehey!, it seems that my request was granted and so I will not be marked absent by our professor. (lolz)

Okay, friends in the blogosphere, I have to say bye for now. I still have to buy some stuffs for Hubby. I will send a package to him through his colleague who will leave on Friday.