The Best Things in Life Are Free

For the past couple of weeks, I was  confronted with a mixture of happy and sad incidents. The unhappy ones greatly affected my motivation to blog and do other things. I came to a point that I badly need a warm hug and I ended up asking for some even it’s only virtual (by saying virtual, I mean asking for “cheer” me up messages via Facebook). Thanks to my friends who did extra mile to make me smile and comfort me during my gloomy days. 
In moments like this, I terribly miss my husband but thanks for my very thoughtful children who always hug me and say “i love u, mama”. Their hugs and kisses blow all my worries away. 
While browsing my feed on Google Plus, I came accross this photo. 
Thank you, Lord for giving me tons of these “free” things in life.

After 16 Years…

We have not seen each other since our high school graduation day. Though most of us studied college here in Manila, we haven’t got the chance to meet. I am referring to my high school batch mates, eight of us met yesterday and we had a great time chit-chatting and reminiscing the old times. The meet-up is part of the pre-planning activities in relation to our Alma Mater’s Grand Alumni Homecoming slated on May 2011. 
I tagged Thea along with me. instead of being bored because she didn’t like the food we ordered she entertained my buddies with her non-stop talking. It’s really nice to meet important people whom we haven’t seen for ages, right? We are planning to meet again, and hopefully our other classmates/batch mates will join.

After our get-together, my sister, nephew, Thea and I went to SM Department Store to buy school bags and shoes. Unfortunately, we didn’t find shoes that fit our budget – we’ll check the mall near our place anytime this week to complete the kids’ school supplies. Thea is so happy with her new Disney Princess school bag that she even ate breakfast this morning wearing it :D. 

Nestle Fitnesse 14 Days to Show Off Your Shape: Dinner with Designers, Fashion Jury and Nestle Fitnesse Execs.

Team Earthingorgeousness, winner on the first-ever Nestle Fitnesse 14 Days to Show Off your Shape Challenge attended an intimate dinner with designers, fashion jury and Nestle Fitnesse team last night. For a simple person like me, the event can be considered as a once in a lifetime event. I was able to meet the person behind our gorgeous outfits. Winning this contest increased my self-confidence for it made me realized that every woman, young and old, married or single, deserves to have a healthy figure despite her multiple roles in this society.

I am truly thankful for Nestle Fitnesse for coming up this exciting contest. Thanks Nestle Fitnesse for introducing a simple yet effective means to lose those excess pounds without too much Do’s and Dont’s requirements. You really made a difference in our simple lives…
That’s me wearing my elegant Rhett Eala gown.

photo courtest of Earth
Now in case you haven’t read my previous posts, meet my teammates and new real-life buddies…
Kessa. Kessa works in a call center. In fact, she went straight from her shift and made it to the Nestle Fitnesse 14 Days Challenge Weigh-In and Public Launch last November 14, 2009. I discovered that this lady loves collecting make-up and even maintains a separate blog about beauty and fitness.
Belle. We have a number of similarities. We both work in a local government unit and both are busy mothers of smart and active toddlers (my daughter Althea is 3 years old while her Yana is 2 years old).
Earth. She is our team leader. She’s the one who encouraged every reader in her blog to join in the challenge. Initially, a team of 6 was formed through her blog post but Kessa, Belle and I made it to the initial weighing that also kicked-off the 14 days diet program.

Meet the designers Rhett Eala, Kate Torralba and Michi Calica-Sotto. Ms. Glenda and their merchadiser represented Religioso. Ms. Myra Garcia, Nestle Fitnesse Marketing Manager is also with us.

Rhett Eala, the designer of my gown

Meet the pretty faces who carefully chose the wardrobes that we’ve won. From left to right: Pauleen Juan, Bianca Consunji, Audrey Carpio, Rissa Mananquil and Donna Cuna-Pita.

This is our yummy dessert at Lolo Dad’s Brasserie at 6750 Ayala Avenue Makati City.

We left the restaurant starstrucked, flattered and with wide smile on our faces. We really had a wonderful celebration of success and new friendship.

Tuesday Toot (January 13, 2009)

This entry was originally quick update yesterday, but when I received the Tuesday-Toot reminder, I decided to change its title. 🙂
So, here’s my way of tooting my horn…
Even though I had a not-so-good Monday coz I came to the office late due to an important errand, I completed the Powerpoint presentation for this morning’s meeting. The presentation contains the committee’s major accomplishments for 2008. Wow! we accomplished a lot of things in relation to the City’s advocacy on gender and development. We’re now looking forward to a more productive 2009…Kudos to GAD-TWG members and to the supportive Council members…
Gotta go for now… Later, I will be meet my friend, whom I haven’t seen for a couple of years. She arrived last December ’08 after more than a year of vacation in Canada.
I’d like to apologize Marie of Mommy Community because I am a delinquent participant in this meme. From now on, I will try my best to post my entry regularly.

Meet Her New Pal!


The Dora the Explorer fanatic becomes Spongebob’s friend, hehe.

While we were strolling in the mall last Thursday, the little one saw lots of stuffed toys in one of the stalls there. She hurriedly went inside the store and grab a small Spongebob stuffed toy. Then, turned to the sales crew and said ” Thank you, Ate”. That small toy cost Php250.00. I was amazed by her reaction upon seeing the bunch of toys around her. So, I decided to buy her one, but we got the bigger one…

She was so happy and excitedd to play with her new buddy. She even wanted to carry the big plastic bag as we walked towards the mall exit. At home, she joyfully played with “him” and when dropped to the floor, she will always ask “Spongebob, are you okay? lolz

A Bunch of Thanks to You!

Bhang, for granting my request, that is designing my new header… I can not say anything but – Thank you so much!!! mwuah!
My header represents me, as Bhang explained while giving me instructions on how to upload it. The two different bags symbolizes how I balance my career and my role as a wife and mother. The little girl peeping at letter “U” corresponds to my active 2-year daughter… On the other hand, brown, pink and yellow are the dominant colors in my blog.

An Award

Thanks Chesteney for this cute award.

These are the rules:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog;
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Here are the 7 blogs that I really love and I visit them almost everyday:

1. BaReFooTeD Me – coz she’s Chestene’s Mom! 🙂
2. When Silence Speaks – I really admire this creative writer. She’s a proud Mama of Derelle, almost same age as my daughter. We shared the joys of pregnancy in our respective online journals back then…
3. Pinay Mom Blogs – A Pinay mommy blogging from Cavite.
4. Blue Aficionado -Great graphic designer and photoshop expert!
5. Pinay WAHM– I never fail to visit this blog of a Pinay WAHM.
6. Dear Me by Ivan – She’s a SAHM and a certified bookworm.
7. Annie’s Mind – A talented colleague who shares her experiences in her special assignment in Japan through this blog.

BFF Gold Card

A bunch of thanks to my blogging friend, Kcee. I would like all my online buddies to have this award because you are all part of my blogging career (*winks). However, I have to name 5 friends as stated in the rules below.
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I’m sharing this gold card with Mitch, Lena, Juliana, Gagay and Raq.
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Congratulations, Jojo and Leth!

The baby has arrived!
When I checked my Frienster account today, I noticed that one of the friends just created a photo album entitled “My Little Angel”. Huwaattt? I got curious. Lileth gave birth already. I am aware that her due date is July. However, I’ve been busy during the past few days that I forgot to check on her from our other pals. Anyways, I sent her an sms the moment I read that update on Friendster. Confirmed! She had a normal delivery to a 7.3-lb. baby boy last July 1. It’s glad to hear that she had a normal delivery despite here worries and fears during her pregnancy.

The mom – I met this girl through common friends some time in year 2004. It was during a group dinner at Red Crab, Greenbelt. Then the next one was at Market!Market! and several get-together followed. According to her, she was both happy and sad when I got married in 2005. Then I asked why. She said it was some kind of regret because we’ve been friends for only a short period of time that I was still single. Nevertheless, we still hang out from time to time, no matter how busy we are.

I’ll find time to visit you girl, can’t wait to see the baby. To Jojo and Leth, congrats once again. Enjoy the joys of parenthood! God Bless!