Supporting Your Natural Childbirth

Regardless of how many children you have delivered, the healthy labor and delivery of each child is the most important piece of the entire journey of pregnancy and childbirth. Critical to this process are the professionals who support you and help make decisions with you about your pregnancy and childbirth experience. Here are three people who are key to help support your desire for a natural childbirth. 


If you desire a more natural pregnancy and natural labor and delivery experience, then hiring a midwife Tampa is a good place to look. Midwives help women safely deliver their baby while minimizing interventions and unnecessary technological procedures common in labor and delivery situations. The primary belief system of midwives is that labor and delivery are natural processes which the woman’s body can perform on their own with the right support in most situations.


Ensuring your partner is aware of your wishes for a natural childbirth is important because he or she may be very helpful and critical in the stressful and long periods of time in labor and delivery as decisions come up to be made. A supportive partner can encourage you and guide you to continue following your birth plan for a natural birth. It is also common for a woman to choose multiple support people to be in the room and can be important if your partner is unable to attend or may struggle to physically or emotionally be present for the entirety of your labor. Each woman must decide what they are comfortable with and desire in their labor and delivery experience. 


While a midwife will deliver your baby, you may desire extra emotional and social support through your labor and delivery. A doula will get to know you prior to your labor and delivery and help you make a birth-plan so she can support your decisions during the time of delivering your baby. Doulas provide support to your partner as well and can help provide relief so they can rest or eat and still give you the support you need during labor. 

Flu Virus Hits our Home

Three members of our households are recuperating from flu. Last week, it was the husband, then after him Thea, and then this weekend Yohan got sick also. He was absent from school yesterday, and me, Mama nurse did not report for work, too. With the news about dengue epidemic become alarming nowadays, having a member of the family experience fever and flu symptoms worries me a lot. I am grateful the flu meds, vitamins, increased fluid intake, and ample rest helped my “patients” recovery easily. 
Yohan and me are back to our regular schedule today. 
Be safe everyone. Let’s be healthy always. 

Understanding Adult Foster Care

As we age, the daily living activities that were once routine and almost mindless can become physically cumbersome, dangerous, and even impossible. At the same time, adults suffering from mental or cognitive disabilities can struggle with these same activities, making it impossible to lead a safe lifestyle. Those who struggle with these activities have options that can include assisted living in a facility, while others may want to consider adult foster care.

What is Adult Foster Care?

One of the most desirable adult foster care service massachusetts has to offer is in-home services that allow the individual to stay in their homes full time while a caregiver lives with them. It is the caregiver’s responsibility to ensure the client receives all the daily care that they need, which can include laundry and other housekeeping duties, transferring and mobility plus transportation assistance, bathing, eating, and recreation activities. For many states, Medicaid helps cover associated costs, which can include room and board. Generally speaking, this type of care is less expensive than facility living.

What Are the Rules?  

Both caregivers and clients, as well as the home itself, need to meet certain requirements if they want to qualify for Medicaid funding in Massachusetts. The caregiver must be in good physical and mental health, submit to a background check, provide references, and must live with the client. The client, meanwhile, needs to prove that they are physically and/or mentally unable to safely participate in activities of daily living on their own. The home will also be inspected for safety, and anyone living in the home 18 years of age or older will be subject to a background check even if they are not the caregiver.
Not everyone who struggles with their own personal care needs to leave their homes and live their days in a nursing home or other facility. For those who want to continue living in their homes, adult foster care may be the answer.

On Teeth and Gum Care

My kids had nice teeth in their younger years. By the moment their permanent teeth started to erupt and started loving “sweets”, dental carries started to become an issue so as tooth decay and gum problems. 
This photo is one of the proofs:
My daughter Thea frequently complains about toothache and tomorrow she went home early from school because to terrible toothache. So, we decided to visit a dental clinic for consultation. We just found out the a number of teeth need to be extracted.  In fact, she had one of her molars (permanent) removed today. Two more teeth are scheduled for extraction on our next visit. I plan to continue her and Yohan’s regular dental check-ups from now on.

Vacation is Almost Over

Vacation is almost over for students here in the Philippines.  In fact, classes in all public schools already resumed last Monday, June 4.  On the other hand, my children will be going back to school on June 18. We still have few more days to relax and prepare for the upcoming school opening. Before writing this post, I’ve already listed the school supplies we are going to purchase this weekend.  We will also pick up their books and uniforms on Saturday. 
BTW, Sorry if I haven’t updated this blog for two months.  I encountered family issues in the past couple of months, thus lost the energy to even compose a simple article.  I got busy on my job as well.  I am happy to share that I’m doing okay now- family and career-wise.
Meanwhile, allow me to share snapshots  of what happened since April.
My Unica Hija Thea graduated in elementary last April 4, 2018.

Thea turned 12 last April 25. 

Moi, amazingly happy at 41. 

That’s all for now, more updates to come. 🙂

It’s Been a While

It’s been a while since my last post, been busy (again). My apologies.

Summer is here but my family has not gone for vacation or out-of-town trip yet.  We are reserving it for May, when our youngest returns. He spent the entire school year in the province and will be back in May, for good. 
We just relaxed at home and shop a bit for Thea’s graduation. Meanwhile, let me share this photo with my unica hija. 
Good day, wishing you an awesome and productive week ahead. 

My #OneWord for 2018 is Peace

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We’re on the 10th day of 2018, not too late for my 2018 One Word, I guess. This is my 3rd year of selecting a single word to define my goals and expectations for the year. In 2016, I chose Simplify and last year, I declared Happiness as my one word. And this time, I am choosing “Peace.”

Looking back, I’ve been in several conflicts and disappointments last year. Because of that, I can do recall how many times I got angry and lose my temper. It was stressful. Some relationships were tarnished. Good thing I was able to address those misunderstandings and revived the once damaged relationship.

With that said, my happiness goal in 2017 was not fully achieved.  Thus, I will continue my quest for a happy life this year and beyond.

This year, I will continue to nurture a peaceful, harmonious relationship with my family, friends and colleague. I will be more patient and calm.  I know it is difficult to hold our temper when things go wrong but I will try my best to handle things without agitation.

2 things I want to change or avoid:

  • I will avoid yelling to my children. There’s one situation last month that hit my heart so hard. I reprimanded Thea for a particular misdeed. You know what, Yohan ran upstairs and refused to clean up before bedtime. And then I asked why, he replied,  Ayaw ko ng nag-aaway na pamilya (I dont’ want a family who are fighting). It must be something for a seven year old to say that.  
  • I will avoid conflicts with co-workers.  I vow to maintain a harmonious relationship with my colleauges.  I am grateful that our department hired new  staff last year. Aside from additional manpower, I am  happy that they are all amazingly intelligent and kind. Swerte talaga pag mababait ang nakukuhang staff. Malamang mahahawaan nila ako ng kabaitan at maraming pasensya para iwas pakikipagtalo na hahaha. 
So that’s it, I already declared PEACE as my #2018OneWord. How about you, have you chosen a word for this year? Shout them out in the comment section.
Good luck and God Bless us always. 

Yohan’s Homecoming

We are reunited with this little boy after his nine months of stay with his Aunt and Grandma in my hometown.  They arrived after several hours of land travel last Friday.  Yohan will be spending the New Year with us, and perhaps his (post) 7th birthday celebration, too.  
My phone (and his Papa’s) now is filled with fun selfies/groupies with the bunso
Notice the scar on his face, it’s an abrasion because a minor accident while playing days prior to their travel. Wala na yan ngayon, makinis na ulit ang face nya. 

More photos

BONUS: A lovely photo of my first-born.  Yohan’s taking a lot of picture of her Ate Thea. Na-aamaze siguro sa Ate nya, biglang laki rin kasi ni Thea eh. 🙂

That’s all for now… Expect more posts and updates before we finally bid goodbye to year 2017. 

Advanced Happy New Year, sweeties! 

Most Active Child Award

Life has been busy lately. December is my busiest month indeed. So, this will be a very short update. I have lots of stories to tell and I will try my best to share them here in my online sanctuary in the next few days.  

Last Saturday, December 9, I got a sweet surprise during the Thanksgiving Worship Services for the young members of Iglesia Ni Cristo. Thea performed (twice) in the Choir in the said special gathering.  After the first worship service, an Awarding Ceremony was conducted to honor the most active child (Pinakamasiglang Bata) and most active officer (Pinakamasiglang Maytungkulin). 

Thea is one of the awardees. We are so happy and proud of her achievement. Despite being in a challenging puberty stage now, she still managed to prioritize her Church duties and obligations. She wakes up early whenever they have rehearsal and performance. She knows pretty well that her duties come first over extra-curricular activities like contests, weekend school events, etc. 
She’s been regularly attending the Pagsamba ng Kabataan (Children’s Worship Services) since she was 4 and a chorister since 6 years old. 

Congratulations, Ate Thea. To God be the Glory!

Eight Long Weekends in 2018

We only have three work days here in PH this week because of the 2 consecutive long weekends. Most of us used this opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones or for those who prefer being productive engaged in small home improvement and organizing or DIY projects.  
Last Monday, my family visited my FIL’s grave in Heritage Park Taguig to remember his 87th birth anniversary.  Then, we had (late) lunch at Buddy’s Restaurant in Venice Piazza Mall.  
I am happy to announce that the long weekends next year is already circulating online. Here it is, folks! You can schedule and save for your travels in 2018.  How cool is that?! 
Happy hump day everyone!