Hot Weather

We are currently experiencing the effects of El Niño in this side of the world. I think, the temperature during the day ranges from 24-37 degrees Celsius here in Metro Manila.Based on the current observations and forecasts of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), El Niño is expected to continue until June 2010.  
We can certainly feel climate change now and one of its effects is global warming. As a result of  global warming, El Niño phenomenon causes extreme heat in affected areas. We should be very careful to avoid heat stroke and other related diseases. Just make sure that you are well hydrated the whole day. Drinking lots of water is the best way of staying hydrated and healthy. Also, stay at home as much as you can to avoid the extreme hot weather outside or if you really need to go out, bring an umbrella and protect yourself with sunscreen. Eat plenty of chilled fruits that rich in water  content such as watermelon. 
If you have air-conditioning units at home, then good for you… but be prepared for higher electric bill. At home, we have an air cooler which is a cheaper alternative to air-con. Only that, it requires ice cubes, and most of the time I am so lazy to turn on the cooler hehe. 
Hope that this simple tips will help you beat the summer heat. 🙂