My Passport Application Experience

Getting a passport is one of the things I haven’t done despite the numerous attempts to do so. However, being picked as one of the nominees for a 2-week training abroad prompted me to apply for a passport. Prior to filling out the application form to the said training, my colleague and I applied online using the DFA Passport Appointment Service. Two days ago, we are are advised that the deadline of submitting the  training application form to is today, February 19. Given the situation, we really have to secure a passport immediately, at least before the organizer call us for an interview. So, we opted to go to DFA this morning to avail of the Courtesy Lane Facility  for government employees instead of waiting for our scheduled appointment . 
We left the office at 9am and arrived at the DFA Aseana in Macapagal Boulevard, Paranaque City at 10:30 am. Since we already accomplished the form before leaving the office, Step 1 (receiving and validation of application) and Step 2 (payment) was a breeze. A bit of waiting game happened during  the 3rd Step, encoding and taking of photo. Our passports will be released on February 28. By the way, the documents I submitted was GSIS ID, Employee’s ID, Birth Certificate, and Marriage Certificate. 
Who are Eligible to Avail the DFA Courtesy Lane Service?
  1. Government Employees (permanent status)
  2. Dependent of government employee (legal spouse, parents, and unmarried children)
  3. Retired government employees (1 year availment)
  4. Incumbent elected officials 
  5. Endorsement from House of Representative
  6. Media Personnel
  7. Referrals made from DFA employees
  8. Infant 
  9. Senior citizens
  10. Person with disability
  11. Pregnant 
* Passport Fee is Php1,200; Processing time is 7 days . Senior citizens have an optional processing fee of Php950 for 15 working days. 
DFA Contact Details:

Department of Foreign Affairs 
2330 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Philippines
Telephone: (632) 834-4000

DFA-Office of Consular Affairs  
Aseana Business Park, Macapagal Boulevard
cor. Bradco Avenue, Barangay Tambo,
Paranaque City, Philippines
Telephone: (632) 556-0000

I am excited for my first ever passport. For the meantime, we have to cancel our online appointment to avoid double application and other problems.
How about you, do you have a passport already? If yes, don’t be shy to share your experience at the comment section below.