Unhappy Customer

I left the office at exactly 5pm yesterday to get some groceries at the nearby supermarket. I opted to visit the newly-opened supermarket near our place. Unfortunately, my excitement was replaced by disappointment due to their poor customer service. And this is what happened:

On our way to the cashier, my daughter picked up 3 packs of Gummy Candies at the Snacks Section. Guess how much these candies cost me? Php130 each!!! I discovered the amount while reviewing the receipt at home, for I was a bit doubtful of the total cost of the 3 bags of groceries I bought. So, I hurriedly went back to the supermarket to complain about their mistake. They said that the item is being sold per box of 20’s. How come they have displayed said items by single pack??? They declared that a box might be mistakenly opened by a customer. I want those items replaced by other useful ones instead of a letting my child consume 3 boxes of candies, my goodness! Since, my daughter already consumed one of those candies; it was good as sold, the supervisor said. Good thing I was able to hold my temper and agreed to them to finish the argument. At the end of our conversation, they returned the total amount Php260 to be converted into other items in their supermarket. I bought 2pcs of light bulbs that I could use at home. Most probably, I’ll remember this terrible grocery shopping experience as long as those bulbs are functioning.

The moral of the story: Always check the prices of each item you purchase and don’t be afraid to complain.

My message to the supermarket operators: Train your staff well, especially the cashiers!