Caladium Heart, Latest Addition to my Mini-Garden

My Chrysanthemun withered and died after transferring it in a bigger pot. I’ve learned that chysants are quite delicate. To make use of the vacant pot, I decided to buy a replacement plant. The  nursery owner offered this heart-shaped plant which, according to her is easy to grow.
This is a Caladium Heart Bicolor, my plant  however, is a plain green variety of caladium

Providing exciting color in dim places where flowers can’t, caladiums have come into their own recently with the craze for tropical plants. The clumping, heart-shape leaves are available in a variety of veined patterns in colors from cream to neon pinks, reds, silvers, and greens. Plant caladium tubers shallowly in pots, and water sparingly until sprouts appear. They will begin to grow vigorously once the weather warms in late spring to early summer. 
Light:                  Sun, Part Sun, Shade
Plant Type:          Bulb
Plant Height:        8-20 inches tall
Plant Weight:       up to 24 inches wide
Landscape Uses: Container, Beds and Borders, Groundcover
Special Features: Attractive Foliage, Tolerates Wet Soil, Easy to Grow
So, that’s the latest addition to my mini-garden. I’ll look for the other variety of caladium, would love to have the neon pink, and red ones and create a colorful pot like this.