Yasmin’s 7th Birthday Wishlist: Fully Furnished Bedroom

Three months from now, my lovely daughter is turning 7 three months from now. Excited as she is, her birthday wishlist is growing longer and longer each day , lolz. She want her own room -fully-furnished, keyboard/organ, a bunch of toys such as kitchen set, Moxy Girl dolls, etc. She’s also eager to learn how to play the piano this coming summer vacation. Apart from that, she’s dreaming of either swimming party or  staycation in one of the hotels in town. 
Well, our deal is she have to perform well in terms of  Church duties (she’s a member of the Children’s Choir) and school. Likewise, Mama and Papa cannot afford to grant those wishes all at the same time. We have to work together to give her and her little brother good education and a comfortable life. 
For the meantime, I am compiling ideas on how to create her dream bedroom a beautiful and cozy one. I am fascinated with these cool organizing ideas.
This bunk bed is courtesy of Houzz.com. I am pretty sure, the little girl will love this bed. Who will sleep in the upper bed? Hmm her future sister, perhaps? Well, it has to be included in our plans hahaha. Given the limited space in her future bedroom, the drawers cum storage boxes in this bed is a hit! I am also considering a single bed that she can usel her teenage years. 
Pink and white computer table! I found this one a thisnext.com
Another superb idea for a small bedrom. The following furniture, rattan crates, storage boxes, and pillows are designed by Two Tots Furniture. Two Tots Furniture is a brainchild of three mompreneurs Andie Quila, Bea Ilusorio, and Liza Robinson. 
I can’t wait for my husband to come home, so that we can start our home renovation project. I am so excited  to create a cozy bedroom for our darling Yasmin.

What do you think of the designs? Do you have any comment/suggestion? Shout them out at the comment section below. Thanks in advance!